Impact Windows: Are Prices Going Up?

Impact Windows: Are Prices Changing? Cost increase in the new future?


The following message was sent by J. Scott Sandstorm, the Principal of Action Windows and Glass:

” Can you please send out an email if possible. My manufacturer is holding our prices for your building only until 30 June. If anyone wants to order they will hold the price till 30 June? Thank you

Scott  (954) 294-3553      “”

If the Impact Windows contract is signed before the end of the month of June the published prices will be maintained.

Click here for the estimated prices practiced by Scott Sandstorm and several other vendors.

Impact Windows: Price Estimates from some Vendors

Other links related to Impact Windows hurricane proof:

In February 2018 about 75 Aquarius apartments had Impact Windows. Since them additional more than 30 have had their windows hurricane “proof” installed.

Specifications for the installation of impact windows at Aquarius

Should I have Impact Windows?


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