The Wide Picture: Impact Windows Installation Gets Speed at Aquarius

 The Wide Picture:
Impact Windows Installation Gets Speed at Aquarius


At Aquarius about 75 owners have their apartments protected by IMPACT WINDOWS. They realize that not only they increase the value of their property as they live with better protection, spend less in energy, have less outside noise and beautify their unit and of course the building.

The number of units with IMPACT WINDOWS is in an accelerated rate. Owners at the South building have increased interest in IMPACT WINDOWS. The number of owners of North building units is also notable.

Are you interested? Click HERE. You will find some information that may help your project.


Many thanks to Joe Paez, our Security Director, for the careful and well done survey. These tables are just suggestive of Aquarius Impact Windows installation. This is an unofficial and informal survey. 

Please inform of any omission observed in the tables of the survey.


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