So little time so much happening at Aquarius

So little time so much happening at Aquarius


Let’s start with the fun stuff:

Ping Pong Aquarius Squad. Interested? Call Arkady Chase   954-674-8754  or  201-923-9377

Zumba: Sign up with      Nuri Gupta     954-589-1426  or     Nancy Arman  954-923-4540

Yoga: Sign up with        Zina Chase  tel.: 954-251-7008 or  201-916-0402   email:    or  M. Carolyn Butera  914-819-8355

Aquarius Library: Our honor system Library (take one try to donated one back) is full of interesting books and magazines. Check it out.

There are also lists to sign up at the Lobby Security Desk, if you prefer. The fact is that the Gentle Coordinators have last minute relevant info.

Boring but needed stuff. An almost (in)complete list of what is going on:

  1. Aquarius Governing Documents: Final restated version is ready and with the Lawyers for filing. We reduced the documents from 160+ pages to less that 70. Easier to read, easier to understand. It will take a few weeks to register.
  2. Budget Meeting. Scheduled for November 16. Please sign the the ballot. It assures quorum required for the meeting. Establishment of Reserves under consideration besides the Regular Assessment (Maintenance) 2018 budget proposal.
  3. Hallways carpet. Removal to start promptly. Three floors a day promised. No more mildew, mold and other nasty stuff.
  4. Air Conditioning Water Tower reconstruction. This will allow the Hallways A/C to be reestablished and service go back to normal. A/C rental units will be used while towers work is under way.
  5. Elevators: Work to renew elevators already started with Service Elevators. Full project completion for after mid 2018. Check blog post with tentative schedule.
  6. Least but not last:  South Tower balconies with concrete pourings in progress. East Pool Deck also advancing. The BOD is making every effort to accelerate this project. GC Structural P.S.  is authorized to work all Fridays and Saturdays as needed to keep or better follow the master schedule. The master schedule version November 2017 to be post very soon in this blog.
  7. Rumor Mill: It possible that work on North Tower be anticipated. If you are thinking to have Impact Windows installed it is time to act now. The GC feels it is not safe to have other contractors (verbi gratia Window Installers) working at the same time they are demolishing and rebuilding the balconies.  The anticipation of work will be announced in a timely manner.
  8. What else: lighting at the West Side Parking Lot, Cameras in the same lot. Also all locked internal and external Aquarius entrances will be Fob access controlled. No more cumbersome keys are being considered.
  9. There is more but this post is already too big! Every Thursday at 11 o’ clock  Construction Committe meeting. All (almost all) doubts cleared.



And now a little Satchmo  for you  “What a wonderful world”


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