When will my Baseboards be back in Place?

When will my Baseboards be back in Place?

Many Aquarius Residents look forward to have the baseboards in their apartments back in place.

As many know a good number of units suffered water intrusion during the Irma hurricane  of September 2017, and following strong rains a few days later. The information on the repairs needs to be shared. This is an attempt in that direction.

Let me share with you my personal experience.

As recommended by the Board and Management I called my own Homeowners Insurance Co. (St. Johns)  and I was informed the following:

1) Their responsibility – if my claim is accepted – will be painting and new baseboard (or use of the old ones – not possible in my case because they were destroyed).

2) It would be responsibility of the Aquarius Condominium Association (ACA) to replace all damaged dry wall (sheet rock, wall board) and finish and sand it leaving it paint ready. The Aquarius Condominium would not be responsible for painting and replacing or re-positioning baseboard.

What is the Aquarius Condominium Association doing: We hired a very reputable firm with a tradition to work with Insurance Claims  “Merlin”  to prepare a comprehensive claim to our Aquarius Insurance firm. The work of Merlin is being assisted by our Legal Counsel Katzman & Chandler.

As you know we had extensive damage from Irma hurricane. Our air conditioning water cooling towers were damaged in both buildings, our hallways carpet have mold, mildew and other contaminants among several other issues. The preparation of the claim is a technical and arduous job that is taking sometime because it needs to be done the right way. We want to avoid any problems with the claim.

What is the bottom line? We have to wait to submit the claim and get a response from the Insurance Company. In the mean time some urgent tasks are taking place such as removal of the carpet, hiring a firm to rebuilt the A/C Water Cooling Towers, rent temporary A/C units, repair of the lights at the parking lot and other tasks.

So at this point we do not know what is being covered by the claim. We need some more time and you will be informed of the results. It is important that no repairs are done until we have a response from the Aquarius Insurance company.

It is not good to have the baseboard out and the drywall with holes but we need patience so we are able to get the insurance protection that we believe we are going to get.


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