Aquarius New Stairs to the Hollywood Beach

Aquarius New Stairs to the Hollywood Beach  –   Preliminary Proposal

This is first cut to the proposed new stairs from the East Pool Deck to the  sea-shore. The idea is to offer a more comfortable access to the beach from the East Pool Deck. The door would be surrounded by impact proof glass offering full view in addition to protection from intruders. Next to it a shower and sand removal station.

Why a new stairs? The existing stairs are not in compliance with the code and are likely to  not get approval from the City of Hollywood. Besides the steep risers are a safety challenge. The new project will have rest landing areas and the risers will follow the City code.

This is a preliminary proposal subject to adjustments.

Click any picture to start the slides show.
 Move from picture to picture using the arrows at the right 
and left sides. Exit using the 'x'  at the right top corner.
Devices provided with touch sensitive screens may work the slides
show by touching each picture.


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