Aquarius Beach Access South Tower Door

Aquarius Beach Access South Tower Door

Alternatives under consideration

The beach level door that gives access from the S. Tower is a temporary one. The idea is to make it a permanent alternative. This beach access is very convenient and safer for families with small children, people carrying beach items (umbrellas, chairs, refreshments) and individuals with mobility challenges. Using this access to the sea-shore does not require use of any steps and makes Aquarius friendlier to everyone. 

Here some alternatives such as an aluminum door that can resist the beach weather and multi-panel flood barrier that would be used only in times of strong storms. The cost of such project is minimal.

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In the West Storage Room of the South Tower some enclosures used by the Aquarius residents had to be relocated due the construction and the opening of the beach access.

When the construction is completed all the cages will be reorganized and all apartment units will have their easy access to  their space again. Some of the storage space may be relocated in the East Storage Room of the South Tower.


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