40 Year Re-Certification: Initial Building Permit APPROVED

40 Year Re-Certification: Initial Building Permit APPROVED

May 9, 2017

It seems that now we can breathe more easily. The preliminary Building Permit has been approved by the City Of Hollywood.

Now starts the count down of 80 weeks. There will be a lot of noise and dust but the results will certainly please everyone. Let’s all root for the construction advance as planned. The collaboration of everyone is super important.


It is fair to praise the work of the teams of Hillman Engineering and Structural Restoration our Technical Engineer of Record and our General Contractor for getting the permit. As you can see since early February the several areas of inspection of the City of Hollywood have been assisted by these two firms to give us the needed approvals in an expeditious maner.

More details of the permit can be seen in the site of the City

Building Permit Search – City of Hollywood

The owner is Aquarius, the permit number is B17-100670


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