Should Aquarius have a T-Shape Pool? Point and Counterpoint

Should Aquarius have a T-Shape Pool?  Point and Counterpoint

Mr. Scott Bennett, Apt. 302S believes changing the shape and location of the East Deck Pool is not a good idea. His opinion is preceded with an opposing view.   Point and Counterpoint.


March 24, 2017

Here some points that were agreed with by immense majority of three groups. The Board, the Construction Committee and many owners that participated in the 4 or 5 workshops during September, October and November with  Tom Laumbethal our Landscape Architect.

  1. Cost: Rebuilding the present pool with the semicircle corners is expensive, does not add use advantages and is not a modern conception.
  2. Cost: The new design costs about US $ 1.814 per unit in average. Smaller apartments will pay less and larger apartments would pay more. This is using Mr. Scott numbers 487/269=1814
  3. The Architect and the Engineer of record (Tom L. and Hillman) assure us that there will be no loss of parking spaces.
  4. Piles to support the new pool have to be done anyway. The present piles are being assisted by steel rods. This is necessary because the pool is sinking and the piles need to be removed and rebuilt. The removal and reconstruction may end up more costly than the new construction.
  5. Cost Benefit: Good point. In a building with 2 pools is may be difficult to assess the value of a new pool shape. It must be considered the other benefits such as offering more space for the favorites spots. At any sunny day we see pool goers congregating at the east rail with sea view and at the Northeast corner. Circulation in these areas is very difficult and dangerous. The new pool location will grant ample space for sunbathing and free movement. Did I say that it will be possible to have the double of chairs and lounges there?
  6. Three pools in one? (1)  Many residents have grand-kids. The present pool is not welcoming to small persons. The beach access solves this problem. (2) Also the access for people with mobility challenges is facilitated. The beach entry allows for easy pool entry. (3) Finally the swimmers are today confined on their laps to early morning and late afternoon. It is difficult to swim what the pool is crowded. The deep end will be less crowded because, we imagine, most people will congregate in the shallow areas of the pool.
  7. Another important factor: Touching – as we must to repair a crumbling structure – the pool may oblige Aquarius C.A. to conform to the American with Disabilities Act. In the present design a lift may be necessary. With the new T Shape design and beach access the ADA requirements are satisfied. No ugly dysfunctional lifts at the pool side.
  8. The T Shape, beach access (suave slope with no stairs), infinite pool look seems to be a sensible and smart design.

Cecílio Augusto Berndsen, 1005N –

This is a private owner opinion. This is not a Board of Directors note.




March 24, 2017


In my opinion, the answer is no because of inevitable loss of parking, increased cost without increase in value, minimal benefit and increased maintenance costs.


Without doing extensive research, moving the existing pool further west would  cause loss of parking.   Maybe you would not lose parking on the existing pool but you would have to move the external heating and cleaning equipment east of the pool.  However, when you add the T extension you are going to lose parking even though in some areas the pool may not be that deep to cause loss of parking due to the beach walk in concept.  You are still going to lose parking spaces.  The unit owners cannot afford loss of parking spaces.  In addition to the permanent loss of parking there will be greater loss of parking in and around the new pool area for an extended loss of time during the constructing of this added pool area.  

Support columns will have to be cut and strengthened.    I think that supporting a ceiling of concrete and supporting a pool holding approximately 1500 plus gallons of water which is approximately 6 plus tons of weight not including the weight of the pool structure would require stronger support.

Do you really want your car parked under hundreds of gallons of water?


The increased cost based on the Board’s estimate of $487,000 would cost each unit owner between $1,952 and $3,310 additional per unit.  Would the value of our units increase the same?  After talking to several realtors and looking by map at all of the condominiums along the ocean from Hallandale to Fort Lauderdale the evidence or lack thereof would not support any change in value of our units.

Would the new shaped pool increase the benefit to the unit owners as a whole or just a few?  There is no change in the linear footage along the ocean, the most desirable sitting area.  How often is the pool so crowded that you can’t find a desirable seat?  My apartment has a very good view of the east pool area.  I will tell you that there are limited times during the year when this occurs.

What is the point of the new proposed food bar in the pavilion area on the proposed architect drawing.  Your not suppose to bring food to the pool.  There already exists plenty of sitting areas outside and near the restaurant.  Why do we need to build an area for eating that will not be used.


Instead of causing loss of parking and adding a pool structure that will be of little use and will not add benefit or value why don’t we modernize the existing pool.  You can make it flush desk like the west pool.  You can add a waterfall.  You can put seats along the perimeter of the pool if you want.  You can put designs in and around the pool.  Add modern lights.  Just a few ideas to make the pool look nicer and more modern.    The cost would be substantially less and you would have a beautiful pool.  



If the suggested pool addition added value, benefit and beauty I would vote yes.  I am for beautification at the Aquarius and willing to pay for it when it makes good sense.

However, in my opinion it does not.  I suggest that you vote no.  In addition, if you have already voted yes  you can modify your vote to no by filing a new voting certificate.



On the other hand I suggest you vote yes to glass balconies.  My quick research showed that the change in value and beauty by having glass balconies would repay you for the entire cost of the 40 year certification and balcony modification.   I believe the facts showed that it would double your required investment in your beach side apartment .


Respectfully submitted


Scot A Bennett – 302S



P.S.: Why the blog publishes some opinions and not all opinions?  If the opinion is signed, dated, comes with a request for publication, it is not divisive, illegal or offensive it is most likely to show in the blog.

No anonymous material will be honored.


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