Aquarius St. Patrick’s Celebration March 17, 2017

Aquarius St. Patrick’s Celebration  March 17, 2017


The 2017 Celebration of St. Patrick, Purim and St. Joseph was a great success. Many Aquarius Community members came to share great food and friendly conversation. The food was mostly the contribution of excellent cooks we have in the property. The names are too numerous to list. Anyway here the thanks and the appreciation for all delicious collaboration.

The thanks should be extended to the Aquarius Social Committee. Sherry Smith and a handful of hard working ladies made this nice gathering possible. It is not only coordinating the food contributions, but also the planing, the general organization, the decorating, the provision of utensils and all innumerable details the must be worked out before and after the party.

On behalf of the Board and the Aquarius Community thank you very much ladies:

The Irish Spirit was present in the party.

Sherry Smith, Social Committee Chair

Angela Perrone  

Ema Smith   

Lana Beckerman

Larissa Mitnsky

Linda Satz

Luba Finkelberg

Nancy Armen

Zina Bluband


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