Don’t be left out! Register your fob and your car in the new system!

AQUARIUS-3D logoDon’t be left out! Register your fob and your car in the new system!

Monday August 1st., 2016 Last Day to renew your registration.  Staff ready to help Saturday and Sunday.

What do you need to complete the registration process?

  1. Your smile – a photo is taken during registration
  2. Fill out the forms. (It is a drag but it is needed Save time download and print the forms and bring them already filled out to the Concierge Desk). Don’t have a printer? no problem Management Office and Front Desk have a copy of the forms for you. Download   FORMS HERE   2016 06 28 FOB Parking Application
  3. Your fob is going to be entered in the new system. One fob per person only.
  4. Car registration. A copy will be made and filed. Your car will get a couple of stickers (one RFID and one id sticker). You will have vehicular access to the 3 gates (Main Garage Gate, North Service Gate (car wash) and West Parking (across A1A).

What happens after August 1st? Registration will continue but unregistered cars and fobs will not have access until registration process is completed. It is better to do it sooner than later.

Why are we doing this? Several reasons

  1. We have a new integrated system called Vertilinc. Residents, cars, packages, account (maintenance payments, etc) and access control and more are all combined in this system.
  2. Access Control: Our older systems does not allow for granular control the new Galaxy Access Control allows. Galaxy is a reputable firm with a good market share. The old system has no current support. Galaxy and Vertilinc work fully integrated.
  3. Access Control 2: Cars now have unique RFID (radio frequency identification) this increases our security. Guests and other temporary users will require the services of our Valet.
  4. Accounting: Our Aquarius property management firm Atlantic Pacific uses an accounting system called TOPS. The integration with Vertilinc is seamless.
  5. Unique database. When a new phone is used, a new winter address is used, out-of-town notice, new tenant — all changes are immediately reflected in a single database. No more disparate paper lists being used. Management, Security, Valet all have a single database to use.
  6. New website. is showing its age. When the supporting firm was approached about the functionality required by a modern system they replied they have plans to offer some of the features in 2017. Vertilinc is being used in many locations. Vertilinc offers the features now and A|P (the management firm) uses this system in several properties with high level of satisfaction.
  7. Cost: No additional cost as compared with atHome our present provider. (Galaxy and other modules not included in this estimate).

So this new system will probably offer: simplification of administrative processes of the building, easier security management, new practical features. Are there inconveniences? Of course, but the advantages certainly have greater weight than the minor burdens.

Comments? Suggestions? Send an email to your favorite Board of Director member  (emails and phone on the top bar), to the Managers (David Slavin or Bill Coleman We are here to listen and to welcome constructive suggestions.


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Information Technology, Management, Project Management and Public Administration are areas I am familiar with. I am also interested in photography, wine, sailing, politics, economics, and economic development.
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