Aquarius Board of Directors Meeting of March 17, 2016 Minutes

LOGO WATERAquarius Board of Directors Meeting of

March 17, 2016 Minutes



With Bhagwan (Buck) Gupta, Cecilio Berndsen, Linda Satz, and Sofia Ferenburg present the meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM. Victor Rocha joined at 7:23 PM.

Date for the prior meeting minutes was incorrect Linda Satz approved to have the date changed to state February 18, 2016.

President’s Report with 14 items presented:

1) Office Phone system

2) Scheduling of Contractors – regarding extending their time from 4pm to 5pm;

3) Lobby area bathroom progress

4) Chandlers in the lobby – Finished waiting on light bulbs

5) Ceiling in the Greenroom has been repaired

6) A/C Billiard room improvements proposal was approved

7) The Board chose (3) 40 yrs. inspection companies to speak to unit  owners to decide which company will be used- Cecilio Berndsen  abstain from voting

8) Engineering Proposal – renovate Gym roof was reviewed and ratified;

9) Painting the walls of 2nd Floor corridors were under considered

10) Traffic safety Pillars mirrors to be installed

11) Electric Contractors valet deck – The lights proposed for valet  deck were giving off too much light and City is requesting for them to be replaced before permit is closed

12) Old water pipe- Heater East Pool – Contractors working to repair;

13) Elevator Service Company (2 way communication fixed)

14) Cameras Phase I has been completed Phase II we will be getting a price for this shortly

Motion: To have three 40 yr. inspection companies to present on April 5, 2016. Bhagwan Gupta wants the three 40 yr. inspection companies as follows (M2E, Hillman and Structure & Design) to present at the Budget Meeting being held on April 5, 2016. Victor Rocha seconded the motion. Vote was 4-1, Cecilio Berndsen abstained.

Parking Questions: FOBs, Valet tickets, Stickers

Restaurant Lease Issues:

– Shlomo, present concession holder is trying to get out of his contract. Trying to get money from the potential new renter. Board has to agree on the contract terms subletting his lease. He is allowed to sell his property but he should not sell Aquarius Condo property.

Motion: To allow Shlomo to break the lease. Cecilio agrees that Shlomo may break the lease without any onus for him the renter or the Aquarius Cond. Association. Linda Satz seconded the motion. Motion carried with 5 votes.

Operation Project Update:

Pineda Lawn Services- Planters, irragation system

Housekeeping ASI – Discuss with them to go over what they will be responsible for once it’s all done.

Vice President- Cecilio Berndsen pointed out many areas of the property do not have a regular cleaning. For example the amount of trash in the Storage rooms remains there for months. Sand, debris and trash are kept in the al decks and garage. He has made a request of regular schedule for cleaning these areas as well as cultivation of all plants in all common areas. Atlantic Pacific the management company promise offer such schedule.

Linda s.:  Changing the battery for alarm black box in air conditioner room. This seems to be an issue of individual owners not the Aquarius Condo.  Association. There was a suggestion to change the batteries when air filters of air conditioning are changed. Another suggestion: making a video to show how to change the battery and yet to hire another maintenance individual. There was no vote on this issue.

Update: Pool Heater Company will be here on 3/18/2016.

Aquarius 7 elevators that are up for 5 year inspection. Aug 2015 – Elevator inspection certification expired. Motion: To have a company come in and inspect the elevator. Victor proposed a 3 year contract with a private company to perform the inspection so a discount is obtained.    Linda Satz seconded the motion. Motion carried.

In the Valet ACG, Engineering firm, says handicap railing is not necessary.

West Pool Deck: RV (plants vendor) – New  replacement plants have been placed in.

Lobby Renovation on 7th intercom wire telephone- were not operational

Doors & FOB readers

– Lobby Permit should be closed in a few days (next week)

– Valet Deck – Lighting needs to be completed.  – Contractors are going to ask the City of Hollywood if temp lighting could be used for final inspection.

Have maintenance look at all doors for repairs to locking mechanism

Projected date for the A/C – 12 weeks time to receive equipment before it can be scheduled. Proposal to hire crane is expected from HVAC installer VMech.

Gym bathroom and Gym roof S&D Engineering to be hired to specifiy scope of work, conduct bid and supervise work.

On March 24, 2106 Forensic Auditor will present at the Town Hall

Meeting his finding of the work done on financial reports over 2009 to 2012.

Board Meeting Time: Motion to move every third Thursday of the month Board Meetings time to 6:30pm.  Motion carried. All in favor.

Motion to Adjourn: proposed by Victor, carried.

Meeting adjourned 8:45p.m.

Linda Satz, Director Secretary

Signs and submits.


About Cecilio Augusto Berndsen

Information Technology, Management, Project Management and Public Administration are areas I am familiar with. I am also interested in photography, wine, sailing, politics, economics, and economic development.
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