What is going on at Aquarius? Quick update

AQUARIUS-3D logoThis is a quick update of what is going on at Aquarius.   

March 13, 2016


Lobby and nearby rooms

1. Lobby Chandeliers: in progress,  LED lights already shipped by vendor

2. Lobby Mirrors: should be replaced 3/16

3. Lobby Bathrooms: most work done. Natural stone for counters in progress

4. Lobby Concierge Desk: 25 Security Cameras being installed work to be finished 3/16

5. Lobby C. Desk: Cameras Phase 2 – on hold

6. Lobby C. Desk: Network operational (links Mgt. Office and Security booth at North Gate).

7. Access Control at Lobby C. Desk: Most FOB readers working, some work to be completed.

8. Transition to Galaxy Access Control FOBs under study (this will improve individuals getting to the building.

9. Intercom from doors to Lobby Con. Desk: work in progress

10. Sound system for Lobby and Cascade Room: Work to start after Valet Deck lighting completed 3/18.

11. Package Room (old library) shelves to installed.

12. Details of Dry Wall project: Inspection planned for 3/16

13. Carpet install on Green Room and Billiard Room: TBA

14. WIFI fully operational in areas next to Cascade Room(SSID is Aquarius24 or Aquarius5 – password with security. Password to be changed from time to time now it is aqua3333

15. WIFI under study to increase range of the network to pool decks. Antennas acquisition under consideration.

15. Library: Some books already in the shelves. volunteers – Maya B, Yvana B. and Tersesa M.- ask: Do you have books of general interest to donate? Please bring them and place them in the table at the Library. They will classify and shelf them.

16. Furniture and Decor: proposal to BOD in progress.

40 Year Re-certification Project


A cycle of 6 presentations with Engineering firms was completed. Next step is to create a short list of 2 or 3 firms to select the winner. This firm will help Aquarius fulfill its legal and safety obligation to have its structure and its electrical systems considered safe and sound. After this exercise the Law commands re certification exercises every 10 years.

Are we late? A bit but the work done at the Valet Deck and the West Pool Deck is a great advance toward the 40 year re certification responsibility.

Valet Deck


1. Lighting project to be completed 3/18

2. Closing permit of Valet Dec: CSI will ask City of Hollywood to close it  after Lighting project is done.

3. Some additional work after closing of permit. Drains.

4. Some issues with Comcast persist.

5. Numbers in cars spots in progress.




1. Lighting project to start after completion of lights in the Valet Deck

2. Improving access to garage gate: New transponders ordered to replace some hesitation on the Gate.

3. Cleaning and power washing: TBA




1. Repair of ruptured water line: under progress (some damage to Green Room ceiling happened.

2. Bathrooms renovation: under consideration, collecting proposals, no decision made.

3. Roof: BOD to hire SD Engineering to specify and supervise roofer to do the job


East Pool


1. Water line repair in progress

2. East Pool heating: temporary repair in progress


Plants in the 3 decks, front garden and West parking Lot:


1. Irrigation done by Maintenance Team

2. Cultivation, fertilization, pruning and general care: contact with Peneda (care taker of front garden and East Pool Deck) already scheduled.


Central Air Conditioning


1. City of Hollywood permit open

2. Compressors and other components ordered – 15 weeks lead time.

3. Consideration of hiring a Crane to speed installation of Central Unit in both towers.

4. Meeting with our Mechanical Engineer supervising Vmech (our contractor) to be scheduled soon.

5. Major problem at the water cooling pump (serves units air conditioners) solved last week. Now South Tower dwellers can have their unit’s operating.



Under study to concede concession to another restaurateur


Committees Work:


Information Committee:

Working in improving the Condominium Management Software System. Under study Vertilinc, AtHome and other software providers.Database requirements in study. The Wave Condominium was visited and presentations under way.


Legal Committee

Reviewing By Laws and Aquarius Condominium Rules and Regulations to make them more simple and comprehensible.

Beautification Committee

Working hard on Lobby details

Social Committee

Big party on March 19. Did you already get your green outfit ready?


Do you want learn more?  Come to the Board of Directors meeting every third Thursday of the month. Next meeting March 17th., 2016

Do you want learn even more? Participate in a Committee. Construction Committee meets every Friday at 10:00. The meetings are open to all owners.



About Cecilio Augusto Berndsen

Information Technology, Management, Project Management and Public Administration are areas I am familiar with. I am also interested in photography, wine, sailing, politics, economics, and economic development.
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