Original Ad for Aquarius Sale of Apartments 1972

Aquarius Lady LogoOriginal Ad for Aquarius Sale of Apartments  1972



Aquarius                          The Mansion Apartment

Designed by your Wildest Dreams


When we began building Aquarius, there were already plenty of beautiful apartments on the Gold Coast between Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach.

But nothing like we had in mind.

We wanted to build Aquarius on the same lavish scale that we’ve used in the custom-built mansions we’re famous for.

So we pulled out all the stops and started building the most fantastically splendiferous condominium apartments you’re ever likely to see. Anywhere.

As you might have expected, our first building sold faster than anything else in South

Florida. So we pushed up the Grand Opening of the staggering apartments in our second (and absolutely last) building.

The Apartments that stagger imaginations

The entrance foyer to Apartment A, for example, is a double rotunda! And it’s longer than many living rooms.

Two entire walls of the 23 foot living room are glass. Floor to ceiling. Outside, the room is wrapped in a 51 foot sun terrace. Overlooking the beach.  And our private ocean.

The dining room can easily accommodate a sit-down banquet for two dozen guests. The kitchen is big enough and equipped enough to handle the preparation and staging for the most elaborate feast a Roman emperor could dream up.

Its full height ceiling is accented by a luminous cove cornice that floods the entire room with indirect light.  There are zillions of cabinets and a big cutting board counter.

The double, self-cleaning GE ovens are complemented with a range that has a hood and vent fan. And to help you coordinate everything, there’s a food warmer so everything can come to the table piping hot. At the same time!

There’s an enormous side-by-side refrigerator-freezer. A triple sink, a disposal and, of course, a dishwasher.

Between the kitchen and the formal dining room, you’ll find a morning room. It’s so too big to call it a dining area, although you can dine there. You can also sew there. Or plan menus. Or dawdle over the morning paper. Or stare out the window at the sea.

At the far end of the apartment, the Master Suite has a bath with a sunken Roman tub big enough for two. In addition m a separate enclosed shower room, private bidet and toilet chamber and a very luxurious double basin vanity. It’s about the size of most bed rooms!

There are three enormous walk-in closets in this apartment. All of them big enough to hold card parties in.

Naturally, the guest suite has its own private luxury bath. And there’s a powder room. And a fully equipped laundry room with a service entrance to the hall. A most convenient arrangement when you come home with muddy shoes from golf or wet towels from the beach.

There’s a walk-in pantry, too. And a few more closets. And so it goes.

Most people would call it a mansion. We call it a two bedroom apartment. Any more luxury would he a sin.

More Luxury

We put it all downstairs for the world to envy. Luxuries like our glass walled lobby. Our tropical gardens. Our very elaborate Health Club and Spa.

Our beauty salon. Our ballroom for movies, soirees and other big events. Our Club Casual Dining Room. Our gourmet pantry. Our handsome men’s bar and lounge. Our fireplace lounge. Our billiard, card and hobby rooms. Our party room for private entertaining. Our Executive Conference Room. Yes, it is equipped with tickertape. How many mansions have that?

Outside, you’ll revel in the beauty of our Ocean and Pool Club. With its beach, pools side sun and dining decks. Its shuffleboard courts and putting green.

A Professional Staff for Every Apartment

To maintain and service all this luxury, we’re training an army of attendants. Who will be on duty to cater to your smallest whim. And keep a constant watch on the security of the world of Aquarius.

We could go on and on. But we want you to come and see it all for yourself. Be prepared to be impressed. Be prepared to be flabbergasted. And, because we haven’t even told you half our story, be prepared to move.

Easily. Because when you come to Aquarius, you talk to the builders. Not to some big anonymous company. Every mansion we’ve ever built has had our heart and soul in it. Our mansion apartments at Aquarius are no exception.

Aquarius is the one condominium you’ll remember long after you’ve seen the hundreds of other apartments along the Gold Coast.

Because as “beautiful” as the others are, they are just apartments. But an apartment at Aquarius is a beautiful mansion!

Aquarius Oceanfront Condominium

$ 40.000 to $96.500.     1972 occupancy

Another Enterprise in Bell/Feinberg • Mansion Builders. 2750 South Drive, Hollywood Beach, Florida 1/4 mile north of The Diplomat Hotel. Phone 947-7526 (Dade); 927- 9219 (Broward) Four magnificient1 and 2 bedroom model apartments exquisitely furnished by Burdine’s open 9:30 A.M to 5:30 PM.

1972 Original Ad Aquarius





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2 Responses to Original Ad for Aquarius Sale of Apartments 1972

  1. I would like to know when the garage / covered parking is “finally” going to be finished. We have family living here at the Aquarius for over 4 + years and when the construction started they have not been able to use the covered / garage parking they are suppose to have and is a part of their contract / mortgage and have been having to park across the street. It is ridiculous in that they have this parking and no access. It should not take this long to complete this job. I have seen it and watched it being worked on and it appears to be totally unorganized. My family as well as other tenants / residents / owners living here who have the covered parking are put out especially when it rains here. The whole purpose of living here was because of the convenience. How can a 20 something story building 4 blocks up get completed and a job like this can not?? We were told it should be before the holidays!! Well which holiday now. It has been 4 years Christmas 4 years New Years and 4 years Thanksgiving holidays and no covered parking!!! HOA’s have to be met and are required to be met; I think that the people need to start deducting those HOA’s from their monthly / mortgage / rental payments. Newsletters need to include what these people are having to deal with and not cover up what they are not getting and it is has been 4 years worth. Put that in the newsletter.


  2. mrsippi1 says:

    Thank you…I give you the job of official..Aquarius Historian……..we need to talk…..you do such a wonderful job…thank your family for sharing you with us….

    Pam Ippolito,1103N


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