Free Classes for Condo Owners and Board Members

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These are free classes given by Bill and Susan Raphan

The classes are informative, interesting and fun. Did you know that they even offer cookies and coffee?      For additional info go to   or click HERE   and look for “Law and Learning Center”

Classes offered:

♦  Records Revelations

Tuesday  November 10, 2015  From 11am to 12:30pm

E. Pat Larkins Center  520 NW 3rd Street  Pompano Beach, FL 33063

Learn what constitutes an association’s official records and how they are to be made available for inspection and copying. Failed inspection requests constitute one of the biggest areas for complaints in associations. This unique class provides you with the ability to participate in an actual mock records inspection. Don’t miss this opportunity to get this process down pat in your community.

♦   20 Things to Know When Hiring a Manager or Management Company.     November 16, 2015    Find Out More >

♦   Election Pitfalls.      November 17, 2015   Find Out More >

♦  Board Certification for Condominiums, Cooperatives and Homeowners’ Associations.      December 2, 2015.  Find Out More >


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