Aquarius Declaration of Condominium for Lease and Sale


Aquarius Declaration of Condominium for Lease and Sale

1. These rules require, among other things: 30 days advance written notice to the office, advance review of all sale/lease documents (which must be submitted with the notice), the scheduling and completion of Interviews, and fees. (Full Information is available at the office). Failure to adhere to the Rules can result in a voiding of the sale or lease.

2. An application for resale or lease (forms available at the Condo Office) MUST be completely filled out, signed by the proposed new Owner(s) or new Lessee(s) and delivered by the present Owner(s) to the Association at least 30 days in advance of any scheduled closing.

3. No Unit Owner may lease his/her Unit during the first 12 months of ownership. After a
one-year waiting period only one rental lease is permitted within any twelve-month calendar period, (which cannot be for less than three months).

4. Units may not to be subleased.

5. A Unit may be leased only with the written approval of the Association (which has the right to reject any potential Lessee for any reason) and only to single families. Two-bedroom Units may be leased only to a single family with not more than four occupants; a convertible unit to a single family with not more than four occupants; and a one-bedroom unit only to a single family with not more than two occupants.

6. Unit Owners may not rent or lease to Corporations.

7. All applicants, including Husband and Wife when applicable, must be interviewed personally by the Screening Committee.

8. A transfer/leasing fee must be included with the respective application. The fee will be refunded if the application is not approved.
Aquarius Board of Directors
September 8, 2015

  • Forms required for Sale and Rental may be printed HERE


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