Letter to the Board of Aquarius from Teresa Marmolino September 2015


Letter to the Board of Aquarius from Teresa Marmolino    September 2015

I am contacting you to address some of the concerns that I and my fellow unit owners have regarding the behavior of our current Board members.

First, I thank you and the rest of the Board for supposedly working so hard to save a few dollars. From my perspective, the $200 per month that we are saving from the payroll is a drop in the bucket of what some of “your people” owe to the Association in past-due maintenance and assessment. We have heard that the Vice President and Treasurer owe a lot to “your people”, so they allow “your people” to pay their maintenance late without any penalties.

Second, the security employees have no problem being paid every two weeks. What they object to is that they were given no advance notice of this change. Some of them live paycheck to paycheck and need advance notice in order to properly budget their personal finances. This Board treats the employees of this Association with hostility and constant threats of being fired. For example, the Treasurer’s husband, with an ironic smile, tells everyone that by December you will get rid of Andy. How could you expect someone to perform well under those conditions?

Third, please stop scrutinizing every contract. Thanks to “your people”, we have the worst reputation and it appears that no contractor would want to come in and finish or start a job here. If we could find some new contractor, it would cost us probably three times more than our current contracts.

Finally, you accepted the job as President, so please behave as one. This is America. Everyone should be treated equally. Don’t act high and mighty like the Vice President and Treasurer and speak Russian when there are non-Russians present.

You say that these are all rumors and not to pay attention to them. However, I believe that where there is smoke there is fire. You and the rest of the Board are acting worse to the unit owners than the previous Boards of 2014, 2013, and 2012. It is your way or the highway. I am bring this to your attention in the hope that you and the other Board members will change your behavior.

Teresa Marmolino, unit 1505-N


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