CCTV Surveillance Cameras Proposed System – August 2015

aquarius_silhouetteCCTV Surveillance Cameras Proposed System for the Aquarius Condominium

August 2015

This post is subject to changes pending feedback of Information and Technology Committee members that did not have opportunity to send their final input. It is also under review by the General Manager and the Leader of the Aquarius Security Team.

It has not been reviewed by the Board of Directors

Contents of this Post:

  • Introduction
  • Why have a CCTV System
  • Problems of a CCTV System
  • Cost of a System
  • Surveillance Contemplated Areas  (floor plans)
    • Valet Deck
    • West Deck
    • Lobby
    • East Deck
    • West Side of Garage (Ground Floor)
  • Inventory of Installed and Proposed Camera CCTV for Surveillance
  • RFP Form (sent to six vendors)


This project was started by the request of Boris Eydelnant Director of the Board of the Aquarius Condominium. It started in May of 2015 and involved the visit of 6 vendors/consultants with several walk through of the Aquarius’  premises and assessments of the existing equipment.

The existing system has several cameras down, the  recording system (DVR) is non operable and the entire system covers a very limited area.

Working with the General Manager and the Security Team Leadership the Information Committee started by mapping the existing cameras that still work and contacted about six vendors to put together the best and more economical proposal for scrutiny of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors decided to provision a certain amount to fund the project. Later this decision was reversed but the possibility of execution of the project is still open given the widespread interest of a large part of the owners. This a CCTV Surveillance Camera System that could increase the effectiveness of the work of the Security Team of the Condominium.

Considering that the Security Team is one of the largest items of the Regular Maintenance Assessment it just makes sense to provide the team with the best and more effective tools for their crucial work.

Besides the large number of residents with locomotion challenges the cameras will represent and additional item for their peace of mind and sense of security.

Why have a CCTV Surveillance System?

The Aquarius Condominium has an aging system of about 22 cameras. Of these 15 should be working. The monitors are installed in the main entrance at the Concierge Desk (presently under construction) and the security both at the Service Desk.

The cameras are more than five years old. Many of them exposed to the weather, salt, wind, sand and the sun of South Florida. The recording system is very limited.  At the  present time is not accessible due to technical problems. The level of obsolescence of the DVR does not warrant the expenses to repair it.

The advantages of a CCTV are numerous. Here we present some:

  1. Deterrence: the presence of cameras usually is enough to make individuals behave in a more congenial way. It is not as potent as the physical presence of an authority but it is valuable substitute.
  2. Prevents theft.
  3. Improves productivity and it is an auxiliary  to time control system stimulating punctuality and reducing absenteeism of staff.
  4. Reduce liability. Many insurance companies provide discounts when good surveillance systems are present.
  5. Helps to reduce or eliminate controversies. The well camera documented incidents avoid the he said she said problem. Responsibility is easily ascertained.
  6. Manage Remotely. It makes the work of the security team highly stronger. Less personnel is required to cover a large area.
  7. Provides a sense of security and peace of mind for residents, employees and guests.
  8. It is a valuable help to a population with locomotion challenges and frail health. The cameras could help provide immediate assistance that may represent a distinction of life or death.
  9. Provides added protection to the lone worker, an aspect important because Aquarius has Security/Concierge 24 hours of the day.
  10. Increases the value of the property. It may be a decision factor in a prospective apartment buyer.
  11. Provide bragging rights.

Problems of CCTV Camera Systems

  1. It may encourage complacency. Employees and residents may forget basic security measures feeling that the cameras will protected them one hundred per cent of the time.
  2. Can’t stop a problem in progress. It is difficult to stop a robbery, a sexual assault in progress, but it may interrupt an incident, or make it less serious.
  3. It is not a substitute for a good incident and fire alarm system. Cameras will not call the police or the firefighters.
  4. It can be useless in some judicial proceeds. Some Courts refuse to accept video recorded evidence.
  5. It may constitute invasion of privacy
  6. It is only as good as its recording systems. Most Security Consultants advise that at least a month of recording is necessary.
  7. It requires a minimal training of the staff. The systems are very simple to operate but a minimal training is mandatory.

Cost of the System

The cost of a CCTV system has gone down in recent years. To cover the very large common areas of Aquarius it will  be hard to implement a system with a five year enjoyment horizon for less than twenty thousand dollars.


Surveillance Contemplated Areas


The project contemplated about 7 areas: Ground Floor-Garage, East Deck with Pool, Lobby Area, Valet Area – external to the Lobby, West Deck with Pool and Storage areas.

The drafts of the floor plans of the contemplated areas are bellow. The Ground Floor-Garage has just the West Side Garage.  East Side Garage and other areas of the Ground Floor are contemplated only in the Inventory.  Owners Storage areas are also not available at this time.

The position of the cameras is approximated. The cameras  are represented by  red arrows. The numbers in black are the numbers described in the “Inventory of Installed and Proposed Cameras CCTV for Sruveillance”. The inventory is at the bottom.

The names and addresses of the Vendors/Consultants is available upon request. Also the final proposals received so far.

2015 08 20 Valet Deck Cameras

2015 08 20 West Pool Cameras


2015 08 20 Lobby Cameras

2015 08 24 East Deck Cameras

2015 08 25 West Side Garage CAMs2

Ground Floor including East Side Garage  – floor plan “to be provided” by Board of Directors. For the time being the information of the cameras position in available in the descriptive  “Inventory of Installed and Proposed Cameras CCTV for Surveillance” of the Aquarius Condominium bellow.


Aquarius Condominium Association

Inventory of  Installed and Proposed Cameras CCTV for Surveillance

July 1st, 2015     Version 6.0

2015 08 24 Inventory Cam Comp

Total 45 cameras


RFP Form sent to the vendors



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