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Hurricane Dorian skips Aquarius but…

Hurricane Dorian skips Aquarius but…   It’s not the time to lower your  guard. Some intermittent high winds may be cause for concern. Hurricane Dorian castigated areas of the Bahamas at a very slow-moving pace. Here is an estimate of  … Continue reading

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Aquarius Cameras on the Elevators

Aquarius Cameras on the Elevators August 2018 Finally the installation of cameras started at the Aquarius elevators. Taking advantage of the process to renewal of the elevators the first camera has been installed. One of the most complex and costly … Continue reading

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CCTV Surveillance Cameras Proposed System – August 2015

CCTV Surveillance Cameras Proposed System for the Aquarius Condominium August 2015 This post is subject to changes pending feedback of Information and Technology Committee members that did not have opportunity to send their final input. It is also under review … Continue reading

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