The Gym is near

aquarius-285x300The Gym is near

Friends of Aquarius Condo. the Gym is near. Call it Health Club, Exercise Room, Recreation Center, Fitness Room call it what you want. Let me tell you that the completion of the renovation is very close. Realist completion date? Labor Day. Pessimist completion day? approximately Mid September.

Skipper-Golfer Harold (Harry) Smith and a small group of the Construction Committee have been overseeing the rehabilitation of the Gym with attention to detail and great care. Most of the work has been done by our very own Aquarius Maintenance Crew (Russel and Emilio) under close supervision of our Andrew Surdovel, General Manager. The results are already very positive.

What awaits the Gym users?

  • New Storm Resistant PANORAMIC windows looking to the Atlantic and to the West Pool Deck.
  • Two New Hurricane Proof Glass doors that let light come into the Gym.
  • New Anti-Fatigue Rubberized Professional Carpet throughout the entire Gym.
  • All exercise machines oiled, fully check out, reset to factory standards
  • Clear, clean white fresh painted walls.
  • New L.E.D. modern energy smart lights.
  • Two flat screen TV sets with cable connection.
  • Gents and Ladies Bathrooms clean, working, painted and  with showers, water fountains.
  • Steam Room and Dry Sauna working in both Gents and Ladies rooms.
  • Weight Scales in both Gents and Ladies Room.
  • Full set of Free Weights.
  • New Tiles in the entrance hall.
  • New drains and trenches at the doors of the Gym to prevent flood prevention.
  • Fire alarm security.
2015 07 04 Harry Smith

Harold (Harry) Smith, the Gym enthusiast that takes great care of the Aquarius Gym

To be implemented in very near future:

  • Two security cameras CCTT with survelience 24 by 7 by 365 with long term reconding to added security and peace of mind.
  • Ultra-fast (100 Mbps) internet access for trouble free web surfing, email, netflixing or writing that Nobel Literature Prize winning novel that is in your head for so long that you could while in the treadmill.

Keep posted for the official Grand Opening announcement.





What is next?

Although the bathrooms, saunas and steam rooms had a quick face-lift it would be great have them refurbished. The forty years of age show their marks and Aquarius dwellers deserve better.

The only problem is to find enough support to rebuild.

IMG_6564 A



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