Phase 2 Ready for Concrete Restoration

Aquarius logoPhase 2 of Concrete Restoration is almost ready for concrete pour



Phase 2 gets ready for concrete pour

July 2, 2015 – In a few days concrete will be poured to advance Phase 2 of the Concrete Restoration Project of the Valet Deck of Aquarius












Some news on the ongoing projects at Aquarius:


–  Gym expected to reopen mid July 2015, new dry walls, paint and heavy-duty carpet.

West Deck Pool to be ready first week of August 2015. Pool tiles already chosen.

– Some parking spaces in the Garage to be returned to use. Phase 1 almost ready.

– Installation of West Deck railings to start. City of Hollywood permit was issued. Glass of the railings only later on.

Marble of the floor next to the main entrance was removed so waterproofing encompasses all Valet Deck.

Landscape details of Valet Deck in advanced stage. Final project to be disclosed soon. Will the new Valet Deck have a lighted fountain?

Gym doors will be raised so athletic space is better protected from water flooding.

– Settlement with Hollywood Tiles in progress. It is likely to occur in a few weeks.

Lobby reconstruction has the Request for Proposal out and some contractors already presented their proposals. A final selection should occur very soon.

Owners are welcome every Thursday 9:00 to the room adjacent to the Cascade Room. Construction Committee, some Board Members get together with vendors to follow-up progress of several ongoing projects.

In the Lobby are in display some drawings, renditions and materials samples of tiles. Check the projects out!



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5 Responses to Phase 2 Ready for Concrete Restoration

  1. sammy396@gmAIL.COM says:

    When will jack hammering on the garage stop

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    • clubvino1 says:

      According the CSI Schedule “Structural Repairs and Plumbing Updates” are supposed to be completed by September 28. I believe the jack hammering should stop well before this deadline. Today Phases 1, 2 and 3 have had concreted poured. Phases 4 and 5 are being worked on simultaneously and the jack hammering is well advanced.

      Click here for CSI Schedule


  2. sammy396@gmAIL.COM says:

    How long before garage area is done? I have heard many different answers


    • clubvino1 says:

      Please go to the CSI Schedule and Logistical Plan (revision May 26, 2015) The Final is supposed to be Early January of 2016, but the expectations of CSI are to have this date antecipated. Our Project Manager is our General Manager Andrew Surdovel. He is available to offer details. He sees owners Tuesday and Thursday by appointment. The Construction Committee meets every Thursday 9:00. The meetings are open to anyone interested. This is a good place to meet CSI executives and other Vendors such as West Pool and Lobby.


  3. says:

    Why aren’t there workers in mass doing the jack hammering so it can be done sooner? It is scaring away prospective buyers and renters. When will the jack hammering be done?


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