Reply to TV Local Channel 10 Judith and Victor Ort, June 18, 2015

aquarius51Reply to TV Local Channel 10

From: Judith Ort <>

Date: Thursday, June 18, 2015

Subject: Aquarius condominium

To: “” <>

Your segment on our building totally missed the role the current Board of Directors plays in this fiasco.

This newly elected Board (January, 2015) inherited a deteriorating building, as well as a group of very  belligerent and vocal people hellbent on stopping any improvement or remedy that would cost them a penny even if doing so kept their property from increasing in value. Previous Boards not only catered to this small group but also ended up spending the “Trump” money on the everyday business of running the condominium. So, instead of repairing and maintaining our common areas the money was eventually gone.

The west pool had been unusable for many years and in dire need of repair until, finally, the previous Board passed an assessment for its repair. Unfortunately the prior Board
lacked the courage to pass a realistic assessment for what the true cost of the repairs would be and entered a somewhat open-ended contract which underestimated the job. To compound the problem, that Board allowed a three-year, interest free payment schedule which left the present Board with not enough funds to complete the already contracted scope of work. It was the previous Board’s negligence which caused the collapse of the lobby ceiling but even had it not collapsed, it would have had to be removed along with all the walls in order to remedy a dangerous mold condition which apparently had been present for a number of years.

Those very vocal people finally succeeded in temporarily stopping the work on the west pool deck.

However, this stoppage cost us not only more months of living in a construction zone without the amenities we used to enjoy, but also many thousands of dollars for additional, needless permit fees.

Some accomplishment!

Finally and most important – this Board was elected because they promised that they would restore our building to what it once was so we can once again be proud of our safe, attractive and more valuable homes and that is what they are trying to do in spite of this loud minority.

Judith and Victor Ort,  Apartment 1605N
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