Letter from Mark Farber to some Aquarius Board of Directors Members June 11, 2015


Letter from Mark Farber, Unit 1503N,  to some Aquarius Board of Directors Members  June 11, 2015 

(Note this letter was send to the addresses June 11, it was received by Aquariusuno.com June 18, 2015. It is posted the day it was received)

June 11, 2015

To: Mr. John Youssef, Mr. Joel Cohen, and Mrs. Linda Satz

Copy: Mr. Andy Cardovel, manager

Copy: All members of Construction Committee

All Owners of Aquarius Condo

Do not be surprised that I am addressing this letter only to you, three members of the Board.

Exactly three of you, while completely ignoring opinion of a lot of Aquarius Owners, are forcefully expediting “reconstruction” of the Valet Deck.
You started the project without having detailed project documentation. As result in the future we will see many “unforeseen” situations.”Unforeseen” only for you!
Some of the owners, including myself, warned you not one, but many times, that lack of temporary waterproofing (based on previous experience with the Lobby ceiling collapsing) will result in numerous flooding of the Lower garage during the hurricane/raining season.
Without having any experience in construction you are stubbornly ignoring warnings from the Owners who are Engineers.

If you are capable of honest and objective analysis then you will understand and agree with the facts of this letter.
During my numerous meetings with each of you and in my speeches at the Townhouse and the Construction Committee meetings I blamed you in consciously or unconsciously repetition of the actions of the previous Board which resulted in a lot of destruction of Aquarius property and in waste of hundreds of thousands of dollars. You have completely ignored it.

In particular I have brought your attention that so-called construction schedule was not detailed/specific enough. That is providing CSI with possibility of adding endless change orders for which we will pay while the project completion date will became a moving target. I also brought your attention to absence in the schedule of very important temporary waterproofing during the time of demolition of existing waterproofing and installation of the new one. You, together with the CSI representatives stated that ”the schedule did not have to include such small details and that everything is covered in the project, cost and completion time”.
Look at your “schedule” and you will see that from the end of June to the middle of December the waterproofing is nonexistent!!!

So, what do we have now to prepare additional money for?
To pay for a “change order” to install temporary waterproofing?
Or to pay for additional work to fix inevitable damages during the hurricane/rain?

Is previous experience not enough for you? Walk through the Lobby and look up to the ceiling – a monument to the carelessness of the previous Board. Do you really want your own such monument for $4,000,000?
I have to pay big money for your deception, complete ignorance, stubbornness and incompetence?!
What will happen with the Valet Deck concrete slab and with the lower garage itself? The answer is clear even today: flood, destruction, damage to elements of concrete structure and rusting of the slab re-bars!
You and only you must answer for all of this, answer for complete ignoring of obvious facts, answer in the court!
Make no mistakes: the people will be forced to do that. If the normal mutual understanding does not exist then this is the only way to seek justice!

The way you are “ruling” forces people to such extreme measures.
The similar situation exists with GYM.
Instead of lifting or fixing the South door of the elevator landing the Contractor has chosen simple yet wrong way. They lower the pavement tiles reducing the pitch needed for directing rain water off the door. Now during the heavy rain the water could get into the elevator landing, elevator and GYM. Don’t you know about that?
Not only I talked about that on one of the Construction Committee meetings but I also personally showed that to our manager. Now in the hurricane season you are propping this door with sand bags. Is that a proper solution?

I am forced to repeat: it is not just negligence, it is a criminal negligence!

As an Owner who factually trusted you to dispose of my money to prudently maintain Association property in good condition I demand:
1. Make fixing of above mentioned problems a priority (without additional funds from Aquarius Association)
2. Discuss this letter on the next Construction Committee meeting
3. Place this letter on the Aquarius Association Website

Mark Farber, unit 1503 N                               June 11, 2015


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2 Responses to Letter from Mark Farber to some Aquarius Board of Directors Members June 11, 2015

  1. royd00 says:

    I believe you have your facts wrong. Therefore, I don’t think you really know what you are talking about. I also think more can get accomplished at The Aquarius if you and unit owners like yourself used their energy to support the numerous corrections we need and be less of a dissident. Dissidents have unnecessarily delayed our projects and added costs that could have been avoided. Please be part of the solution; we have enough problems to correct. We recently escaped major injuries and major damages to personal properties with the collapse of the valet ceiling structure. We can’t rely on luck to save us in the future. I predict you will be among the many who will praise all of the construction underway once all is completed. The artist drawings and scope of work underway seem to appear beautiful. I hope you will make my prediction come true.

    I consider myself a straight shooter. I wouldn’t give you false beliefs.


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