Lobby and Adjoining Areas Renovation Scope of Work June 11 2015


Lobby and Adjoining Areas



AS OF JUNE 11, 2015



  1. S & I solid core door and jamb 3’-0” x 6’-8”.
  2. Remove window, stud out remaining wall and apply 5/8” fire-rated drywall with insulation.
  3. S & I keyed lock.
  4. Install ½ wall separating Package area from Computer area.
  5. S & I suspended acoustic ceiling.
  6. Skim walls to paint ready condition.
  7. Apply 2 coats Benjamin Moore/Sherwin Williams Premium paint to all interior walls (color to be selected)
  8. S & I (3) duplex outlets in Computer area. Any additional receptacles for Computer area including

dedicated circuits (TBD) at additional cost.



  1. Install new 5/8” drywall ceiling and repair existing ceiling as needed.
  2. Skim ceiling areas as necessary to paint ready condition. Apply 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Or Sherwin Williams Premium paint to ceiling areas as per Designer’s specifications (2 – 3 colors).
  1. Remove existing wallcovering. Repair walls as needed for paint or wallcovering (by others). Prime and apply 2 coats of Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams Premium paints to walls and soffits as Per Designer’s specifications.
  1. Refinish wooden walls and door.
  2. S & I new wood baseboard, finish to match adjacent wood walls/door.
  3. Replace existing A/C diffuser grills.
  4. S & I recessed LED 4” lighting fixtures (Qty: 10 type B )
  5. S & I cove lighting on two side walls with LED light strips.
  6. Install Client’s hanging lighting fixture.

LOBBY/MAIN HALL (to Cascade & Green Room):

  1. Cover all marble flooring during construction phase with masonite.
  2. Remove existing ceiling suspended metal stud framing in Lobby/Main Hall including acoustic tile ceiling in hall outside Board Room.
  1. S & I insulation and 5/8” drywall to all exposed metal stud walls. Tape & triple skim to smooth finish.



  1. Prime all walls for vinyl microvented wallcovering.
  2. S & I ceiling stud system on 16” centers.
  3. S & I 5/8” fire-rated drywall on ceiling.
  4. Create 3 coffered ceilings in main hall: 2 square with two step up, 1 rectangle with one step up
  5. Triple skim ceiling and coffered ceilings to paint-ready condition and prime.
  6. Apply 2 to 3 coats of ceiling paint to entire lobby ceiling including existing 4 circular and 3 new coffers.  (Additional decorative finish to round coffers by others)
  1. S & I recessed LED lighting fixtures (Qty: 90)
  2. S & I (2) +/-13’-3”w x 7’-6”h wall mirror as per Designer’s elevations.
  3. S & I new door and wood casing on valet area with wood veneer door to match reception desk.  Door style and stain color by Designer. Remove secondary valet door & casing. Close opening with  Drywall to create niche per design drawing. Niche fabrication with cabinetry by others.
  1. Create drapery pocket in front of hall windows.
  2. Create cove for concealed LED strip lighting along wall above Aquarius wall mural.


  1. Remove popcorn ceilings and triple skim to paint ready condition.
  2. Prime all walls and ceilings.
  3. Paint all walls and ceilings with 2 coats of Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams Premium Paint, eggshell finish on walls, and flat finish for ceilings. Paint all wood trim work semi-gloss  or pearl oil base. Paint selections as per Designer’s elevations/paint schedule.
  1. Refinish wood finished doors and casing (2 pairs and 1 single). Stain color to be determined.
  2. S & I (30) 6” recessed LED fixtures (Type A) and new a/c grills to replace existing.


  1. Remove and dispose of all existing plumbing fixtures, stall partitions, cabinetry, lighting/soffits, floor tile and baseboard, bathroom accessories and wallpaper.
  1. Remove door openings between Womens’ lounge and bathroom, enlarge opening to 36”Wx 80”H. Enlarge opening in Mens’ bathroom between vanity area and toilets to 36” min as well.
  1. Remove 30”W entry doors and casing in both bathrooms. S & I new solid core flush paint grade 36”W x 80”H x 1 ¾”th. doors, jambs and casing. Paint color to be determined.
  1. Create one ADA toilet enclosure in each bathroom and one regular toilet stall in Womens WC   with new laminate bathroom partitions (selections by Designer).
  2. S & I per bathroom two ADA toilets and one ADA wall mt lavatory and 2 grab bars in each ADA stall.
  3. S & I two wall mount urinals in Mens and urinal partition.
  4. S & I granite or quartz countertops with 4” high backsplashes (to be selected) up to $40 per sf   Included in proposal for two undermount lavatories on ADA designed floating vanity (no drawers).
  1. S & I granite or quartz countertop with floating cabinetry below for women’s makeup area (no drawers).
  2. S & I porcelain tile floors in both bathrooms as selected: 20” x 20” Statuary porcelain and 12” x 24”

Black “marble” look porcelain cut into borders and baseboard.


  1. Patch and repair existing drywall ceilings or add new 5/8” drywall on ceilings where necessary.
  2. S & I recessed LED lighting fixtures (22 in total). Lighting plans to be furnished by Designer.
  3. Triple skim walls and ceilings to paint ready condition and prime.
  4. Prime Womens lounge area for vinyl wallcovering (by others). Apply 2 coats Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams Premium Paint to all other walls and ceilings in both bathrooms.
  1. S & I two sconce outlets in Womens’ Lounge makeup area.
  2. All plumbing, labor, materials to code.


  1. Remove popcorn and repair ceilings.
  2. Triple skim to paint ready condition and prime.
  3. Apply 2 coats Benjamin Moore Premium or Sherwin Williams paint to walls and ceilings. Latex eggshell for walls, ceilings latex flat and all trim in semi-gloss/pearl oil. Paint colors by Designer.
  1. S & I 5/8” drywall ceiling to replace suspended acoustic tile ceiling.
  2. S & I 30 recessed LED (4” type B – insulated housing) lighting fixtures.
  3. Optional wall prep for 2 main walls only if vinyl wallcovering selected.


  1. Conceal wood paneling and brick tile entrances with 5/8” drywall in both rooms. Retain existing arched entryway motif.
  1. Install only two sconces in Library niche area.
  2. S & I recessed 4” LED light fixtures in Lounge and Library (Qty: 30). Designer to verify location Of fixtures. Add 3 fixtures in each of two niches in front of proposed new wall-to-wall book shelves.
  1. Remove popcorn finish on ceilings, repair soffit ceilings as necessary, and triple skim to paintready condition on ceilings and soffits.
  1. Apply 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Premium or Sherwin Williams Paint on Ceilings and walls. Color(s) to be selected by Designer.
  1. S & I two ceiling fans and new a/c grills.
  2. S & I two bookcase units, one per niche, each 10’W x 82”h (full height) divided in 3 sections.
  3. S & I (3) duplex outlets in plinth of each bookcase unit for a total of 6 outlets.
  4. Remove existing vinyl flooring in hallway to Bar and small bathroom (at end of hall). Install new 20” x 20” Statuary Porcelain Tile (same as Lobby bathrooms) in hallway with new painted  wood baseboard in hall and matching tile baseboard in bathroom.
  1. Skim, prime and paint walls of hallway with 2 coats of Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams  Premium paint.
  1. S & I new 6” LED recessed fixtures in hallway. Qty: 4 Ceiling to remain as is.



All applicable permits and sealed drawings to the City of Hollywood Florida including: Electrical, Plumbing,

Mechanical and Structural.


Dumpster service for approx. 12 weeks.




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2 Responses to Lobby and Adjoining Areas Renovation Scope of Work June 11 2015

  1. Eugenia Volchek says:

    This very elaborated Scope of Work proposal has never been either mentioned or discussed with the community. The Board should first of all explain what ‘S & I’ which occurs in every sentence stands for.
    I can only guess that this is ‘Supply and Install’ or may be something else.
    All this work cannot be categorizes as Repairs, this is real Material Alteration. According to our By-Laws it should be explained in every detail to Unit Owners and it requires Unit Owners’ majority Vote. The other question is: the $350,000 allocated in the Special Assessment for Lobby Reconstruction will be sufficient or will we experience again multiple Change Orders and 70 percent cost increase.
    Nevertheless, the Board takes the usual ignorant and illegal approach.


  2. Eugenia Volchek says:

    Who authorized the Board to convert our beautiful Library Room to a Package Storage Room, and to convert the Library to two bookcase shelves, one per niche ? Is this the decision of the Board based on the Beautification Committee suggestion? Has this ever been discussed with us, unit owners and has this been approved by the majority of us?
    Is the package storing is more important than having a Library Room? Every condo in Florida has a Library. The decision of replacing the Library with two book shelves seems ridiculous to me.


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