Hollywood Beach Civic Association asks for beach replenishment- June 2015

As you recall in the Hurricane Sandy (NY, NJ October 2012)  the areas that did not have sand replenishment suffered the greater damage. In Hollywood and Hallandale there is an effort to have our beaches nourished. Here is a document that expresses this concern. If you agree you could approach the authorities to make sure our beach is protected.


Dear All (1960 HBCA Recipients).                                          June 12, 2015

Please see below the letter sent by The Hollywood Beach Civic Association to the Florida Senate and House of Representatives. Beach Erosion is of the most important priority in our Community, therefore, the letter is self explanatory.

Your comments and/or opinions will be greatly appreciated.

Frank De Risi
On Behalf of board of the Hollywood Beach Civic Association.

The Honorable Andy Gardner The Honorable Steve Crisafulli
Florida Senate President. Speaker-Florida House of Representatives.

The Honorable Tom Lee, Chair The Honorable Richard Corcoran, Chair
Senate-Appropriation Committee. House Appropriation Committee.

The Honorable Alan Hays, Chair The Honorable Ben Albritton, Chair
Senate- Appropriations Subcommittee House-Agricultural& Natural Resources
Appropriation Committee.

Dear President Gardner:

The Hollywood Beach Civic Association respectfully requests that the Florida Legislature fund DEP’s Beach Management Program with $ 40 million appropriation and that you also support statewide funding through the implementation of Amendment 1.

Florida’s main attraction is our beaches. Any delay in needed beach re-nourishments will cause a decrease in the number of visitors that will impact more than one season. The repercussions will carry into future seasons with devastating effects on state’s economy in general, and job creation in particular.

The continued effect of erosion on our beaches has been relentless. There is no long term solution in sight. Beach re-nourishment is currently the only partial remedy and therefore must be funded on an ongoing basis.

In addition to the benefits that well-maintained beaches bring to tourism, it is necessary to preserve an adequate amount of beach sand as a safety barrier in case of storms and hurricanes. Therefore, the issue is not only one of State economics, but it is also one of personal safety and protection of our investments.

The Hollywood Beach Community future viability, progress and safety depends on the health of our beaches. We strongly urge you support the appropriations mentioned.

Frank De Risi ,
On behalf of the Hollywood Beach Civic Association.
Tel. 954 547 2828
Hollywood Beach Civic Association | 1301 South Ocean Dr. | Hollywood | FL | 33019


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