The Towers and the Ticking Clock

The Towers and the Ticking Clock



An important article on the history and the future of buildings along the Florida coast. A must read for those that want to be well informed and well prepared. Just the pictures are worth to browse this well prepared piece. Click to open it.


The Towers and the Ticking Clock
By Matthew Shaer, New York Time
January  28, 2022



By Eric Glazer, Esq.

Published January 31, 2022


So, I get a call a few weeks ago from a reporter at The New York Times.  He was doing a story about the incredible number of condominiums in Miami and how fast they were all built.  How the entire skyline on the coast changed dramatically in the past 40 years or so and if it’s possible that The Champlain Towers in Miami was just a freak occurrence, or something that we need to start thinking about regarding all condominiums that were rushed through and given the green light.  Is it possible for other similarly situated buildings to start falling down?


The story is somewhat startling but not surprising.  It’s a story about greed, out of control construction, tampering with Mother Nature, little to no inspections, rushed through permits,  law firms and politicians helping developers  and The Florida Legislature turning a blind eye towards all of it.


If you’re living in a building in Miami, this is a must read.  If you don’t live in Miami, but are concerned about whether or not your building was built properly, it’s a must read as well.  Besides myself, there are politicians, builders, developers and other experts that tell their side of the story in detail.  Some of it is shocking.


Because so many turned their backs years ago, no wonder the story is called THE TICKING CLOCK OF MIAMI’S CONDO EMPIRE.  You should also know that coincidentally, Robert Lisman, who is the resident from Champlain Towers East, is the producer of our Condo Craze You Tube channel.  It’s a long article but again, it’s a must read.  

Here is the link to the New York Times article again


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Put all books away and get a sheet of paper and pencil

Those that never lived this moment have no idea what serious panic is.


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