Elzbieta (Ella) J. Fishman Candidate to the Board of Aquarius

Elzbieta (Ella) Jankowska Fishman,  1104S


Dear Aquarius Residents, 

Due to technical issues, I was not able to present my views during the “Meet the Candidates” event. I received multiple phone calls from Aquarius residents asking my opinion. Please continue reading.

 Serious Look at Aquarius problems

I think we have space for improvements.

We have multiple issues which should be addressed immediately. For example:

Cracks on the balconies, problems with pool heater, uneven pavers next to the pools, rusted showers next to swimming pools, elevators constantly out of service, east ocean wall cracks, cracks in flower beds next to east pool, peeling paint from the outside walls. These issues will cost water intrusion inside the buildings.

Unfortunately we paid for these improvements already, but it looks like companies we choose have not provided quality work. It is very imperative and urgent to address these issues. We should have warranties and contractors should fix their poor job. If we don’t attend these problems, warranties will expire and we will have to pay again.

If I am going to be elected I will dedicate my time and experience to improve our home. I will use my engineering and organizational skills to work with maintenance crew to make sure we fix existing issues before they cost us more money and bigger problems. This will avoid more assessments in the future.

We should research contractors independently from Management Company. This will give us better position to negotiate and get more independent quotes. All current contracts should be reviewed. We need to see if we can renegotiate better terms to benefit Aquarius residents.

Budget should be created with better understanding. We need to look at our revenue and expenses. Every year we have an increase in maintenance but we don’t get better services. My expertise in negotiating deals with large chains of stores, creating and operating budgets will help to save money and negotiate best terms for our residents. Current Board did what they could, but there were many mistakes that cost Aquarius residents additional assessment.

In my understanding assessments are based on quotes. Board spent way more then they originally presented to residents. The Board claimed it was more work that they originally thought. It can happen but not to this extent. That means contractors they choose were not professional and not competent enough to see all problems we have. Unfortunately, no one on our Board is an engineer so did not have knowledge what to do and what questions to ask hired engineers and contractors. That is why Board needs help. Aquarius is our home and I want it to be in best shape possible. It needs to be done in fiscally responsible manner, contractors to be hold responsible for their job and residents should be informed before Board spends money.

In my understanding most important reasons to be elected are qualifications, experience and performance. Another important value is ability to communicate with people.

I think the Board should be transparent and open to communicate with residents. I believe unit owners deserve to be heard and their concerns to be answered.

I think Aquarius needs a fresh, professional, and experienced solution to challenges we are facing. I believe my expertise and organizational skills in running production and distribution & logistics centers, expertise in managing multiple commercial and residential properties, experience in successfully creating and operating large manufacturer and real estate budgets will  benefit Aquarius residents and help to unite our community and make it better home for all of us.

I heard 2 questions from the public so I will try to answer them:

  1. Reserves .

It is ideal situation for every business to have reserves. I think we need to look at our contracts and spending. My goal would be to find the ways to save money from our current budget. We need to look at opportunities to earn more money from properties we own and rent: restaurant, west parking lot, beauty salon, etc. 


Yes, I am for committees. Obviously people on the Board cannot be best in everything. We have many residents with different experience and education. It would be reasonable to hear their opinion.

Elzbieta Jankowska Fishman, 1104S


Ella’s additional material was posted January 4th., with the information provided by all candidates.  These may be revisited by clicking here

The aquariusuno.com is available to any candidate that wants present his/hers views. You know the drill: the content must be not offensive, not illegal, not controversial. After all, we try to be an harmonious, transparent, solidary community.


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