Aquarius Board Elections January 19, 2021

Aquarius Board Elections January 19th, 2021

This year we have 9 candidates for the Board of Aquarius. Here the list in alphabetic order. If you did not get the elections material the Management Office will provide a second set. Do not forget your important opportunity to participate.


-Paul Finfer, 702S  – 7 years Board intermittent member since 2004  *  ♦
-Bhagwan (Buck) Gupta, 804S – 5 years  Board member since 2016 *  ♦
-Stephen H. Koslow, Ph.D., 704N ♦
-Edward Olshanksy, 1608S
-Judith Ort, 1605N, 5 years Board member since 2016 *
-Victor Rocha, 1404N,  5 years Board member since 2016 *
-Linda Satz, 1108N, 6 years Board member since 2015 * ♦
-Nellie Simkim Zeltsman,  1805N
-Marina Zoob, 1502 N   

* Incumbent
♦ Full Time Aquarius Resident

Owners of Aquarius Units may vote for up to 5 candidates. Voting for more that 5 will void the vote. Proxy votes are allowed. Vote counting could be followed remotely on a Zoom Video and Audio Conferencing. The URL and telephone of the video and audio conference will be announced via email message. 

It is important to consider if non full time residents may offer the support, dedication, time and effort that Board Members that are full time residents may offer.

To survive heathy  democracy requires participation of all.


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I used to call people, then I got into e-mailing, them texting, and now I just ignore everyone


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