Covid 19 and Elevators Rides

Covid 19 and Elevators Rides

This note came in the mail. It is very relevant to share it. Some neighbors prefer to ride the elevators just by themselves. It costs just a few seconds. It is a healthy practice. Let’s do it.

Elevator Courtesy during Covid-19

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We all know how COVID-19 is serious and how it’s affecting the population in unbelievable numbers here in Florida.

We also know the average age here at the Aquarius is quite high and more at risk.

I have noticed some people are not respecting those who wish to ride the elevator alone in order to avoid exposure.

Any of us can be a non-symptomatic carrier. Waiting for the next elevator can save a neighbor’s life.

Therefore, I ask all to take the next ride if you see someone who asks to ride alone for the sake of their health and of their loved ones.

It’s worth it.

Thank you!

A concerned friend


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