From: Kiet Ngo to Cecílio Berndsen

From: Kiet Ngo to Cecílio Berndsen

from:   Kiet Ngo                 April 28, 2020 

to Cecilio-Augusto Berndsen

I really do appreciate the emails and updates. Just wanted to point out that in the face masks for everyone link, you seem to bold the points…

ordering that all persons outside their homes and within a public place such as a grocery store, hardware store, pharmacy, restaurant, or other deemed essential business, are mandated to wear a cloth facial covering consistent with the current CDC guidelines.

to prove your point but you forgot the most important part of the statement…the “and”. “…Outside your home AND within a public space such as a grocery store, hardware store…or other deemed essential business”. Basically it’s outside your home AND essential business. Our public space is not really considered an “essential business” as stated in the ordinance.  My family and I do wear our masks around the building to protect my family and others for the most part but just wanted to pass along another way of reading the ordinance.

Thank you for taking your personal time to send out these emails and links!  I get a lot of my Aquarius news from you.



From: Cecilio Augusto Berndsen

To:  Kiet Ngo

I stand corrected. Thank you very much. I appreciate your comments.




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Information Technology, Management, Project Management and Public Administration are areas I am familiar with. I am also interested in photography, wine, sailing, politics, economics, and economic development.
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