Aquarius Elevators Project Overview 2019

Aquarius Elevators Project Overview


The renewal of the elevators of Aquarius project was funded in December of 2016 with the approval of a Special Assessment and a Loan from Popular Bank (also known as Popular Banking Association).

The 15 million Special Assessment (2017 SA) reserved one million dollars for the renewal of the 7 elevators of Aquarius.

In November of 2017  the  RFP (Request for Proposal), received proposal from four elevators firms. The range of proposals was from 1.4 million to 2.45 million dollars. The winning bid was awarded to Premier Elevators of Georgia, which was the lowest bid, under the advice of the Special Consultant hired to oversee the renovation project.

Premier Elevators’ bid excluded the cab finishes, electrical upgrades and civil construction needs. It also excluded the external elevator doors.

These ancillary items had an estimated cost of $200,000. Each cab about $25,000, thus 4 cabs for $100,000. Electrical and construction items about $100,000. To this we should add contingency and miscellaneous expenses.

So, the overrun on the cost of the project was $600,000 ($400,000 of the bid plus ancillary of $200,000).

Time-wise we also had very long delays. Each elevator was supposed to take 15 weeks. Both Aquarius Towers were supposed to be worked simultaneously. So, the overall time should have been 45 weeks. To this we should add another 15 weeks for the Gym and West Deck elevator.

In the most conservative estimate, the project should have been completed by December 0f 2018.

A good project management strives to complete the work on time and under budget. This did not happen in the Aquarius elevator renewal.

Projected Time: 60 weeks or December 2018. The time it took to reach the substantial completion: 104 weeks as of November 2019. A 100% delay.

Budget estimated at       –>         $1,000,000

Spent at least                   –>         $1,600,000

Notwithstanding the budget overrun and these issues, we still struggle with several miscellaneous items.

What is still needing attention?

  1. Many doors are noisier than the old elevators. Some progress has been observed in recent months but several doors where rubbing metal to metal which need to be addressed.
  2. Electrical panels: on some floors they are affixed with tape. The LED signage is also faulty in several floors.
  3. The verbal floor announcements seem to work randomly.
  4. Same with the loud bells for the elevator arrival announcement. When they work, they are too loud.
  5. The tile flooring in the South Tower personal elevators are not the same. One has glossy tile while the one next to it has a satin finish. It’s difficult to understand the reason for this kind of discrepancy.
  6. The elevators do not display the required License of Operation. The North Tower A Elevator exhibits a license that is expired. The other elevators do not show the operation permits.




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  1. alla shchegol says:

    Holly cow, who was managing this project, obviously isn’t good manager,


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