Mark Faber on the post about the Lobby Statue return

Mark Faber on the post about  the Lobby Statue return

Mark Faber  in 9/3/2019 writes:

About article    “Look who is back:The beloved Lobby Statue” (a recent post of August 2, 2019):

It is very easily to make the residents of Aquarius very happy.

Do you remember the story written by famous Jewish writer Sholem Aleichem?

A man lived with his wife, six children, mother, and father‐in‐law in a one‐room house. So he went to the rabbi and complained, “It’s crowded!”

So the rabbi said, “Take in your goat, cow and chickens.” “Oy,” thought the man, but followed the advice. Soon he returned to the rabbi and said, “It’s a thousand times worse!” So the rabbi said, “Let out the goat, cow and chickens.” So he did.

Then he returned, a happy man, and said, “Thanks, Rabbi. We have plenty room now.”

Mark Faber


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  1. ilya sibula says:

    What about Oriental big wase? Ilya Sibula


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