Are you ready for new COMCAST TV and Internet? August 6, 2019

Are you ready for new COMCAST TV and Internet bundle of services at Aquarius?

August 6 in the Green Room


On August 6th COMCAST representatives will be available to answer questions and deliver new equipment in the Green Room of Aquarius.

As announced back in June of 2018, the Aquarius Condo. Association signed a new 5-year contract with COMCAST. The details are in  this post of a year ago. If full details are needed, check out the new contract here.

Basically, Aquarius residents will get included in their regular assessment (maintenance payment) internet connection, high definition (HD) and the basic equipment included. So, there will be no additional fees for rental of Digital Video Recording (DVR), Set Top Box and Modem-Router for internet access.

The TV channel line-up remains the same with more than 150 channels and music channels. The premium service will include HBO. Showtime is no longer in the contract.

What is not included and will represent additional cost?

  • Internet Speed higher than 60 MB
  • Premium channels like Showtime, Starz, Foreign Language channels
  • Land Line Telephone service and Security service.

All these can be added if desired. If not, the COMCAST individuals monthly bill should be zero, nada, zilch, nothing.

Currently the Aquarius C. A. pays about $ 29.00 per month per apartment unit. Under the new contract the monthly charge  will be about $ 79.00, plus taxes and fees. This year of 2019 there will be no impact on the Regular Assessment- Maintenance budget thanks to an agreement signing bonus offered by COMCAST.

During the transition to the new contract COMCAST includes a one-time only installation of the new equipment. This usually includes cables inside the apartment. The installation is not white-gloves. The cables are installed in a rather visible way that most of us are used to. The advantage of this free service is that a change in location of a TV set or a better position of the Modem-Router will not represent additional cost. If COMCAST is called later on to change the location of the equipment there will likely be and additional cost. COMCAST policy is that the internal cables are property and responsibility of the occupant.   A general comparative view of the new contract and the old one is in this post (click here)

Some questions frequently asked:

  • What are the advantages of the new contract with COMCAST?
    Besides internet, HBO, High Definition, and no charge for equipment rental the service will include the new operating system of COMCAST called X1. X1 has voice recognition, improved searching, integration with telephone land-line (must be a Comcast line) and security systems.
  • I don’t like the cables all over my home. How to avoid them?
    A professional “fishing” specialist must be hired. It is a task of not very high cost and may be worthwhile. It is not provided by COMCAST. COMCAST offers another solution: wireless TV and internet connection. The owner needs to purchase from COMCAST some small “pods” that are installed around the house and only require electric power. They are TV and internet service extenders.
  • I can’t meet the COMCAST people August 6. What to do?
    It is possible to make appointments by phone. It is also important to know that the transition period given by COMCAST ends November 30th., 2019.  This is particularly helpful for our residents that are out of town.
  • Do I really need to have the equipment installed by COMCAST?
    If you wish you can do the installation yourself. COMCAST provides instructions that very often are easier than, for example, IKEA instructions (this is supposed to be joke).
  • I like sports. My wife likes “Game of Thrones” does X1 help?
    Yes,  once the programs have been recorded the content of the DVR may be accessed from any TV set. On demand programs also can be accessed from any room. The name COMCAST uses for the DVR is “Any Room DVR”.
  • How many hours can the DVR hold?
    Many hours. Usually there are no space problems. If this becomes a problem, a few recommendations: (1) Use  “on demand” more often,  so no recording is needed.  (2) Limit the number of episodes being recorded. Two episodes usually are enough. If this does not help, please answer the question: Aren’t you watching too much TV?
  • What do I do with the old equipment?
    Please be very careful. Try to return all equipment as soon as possible. Make sure you get a clear bona fide receipt. Avoid billing problems by returning all old equipment.
  •  I don’t have a computer and I don’t care for internet service
    The internet service provided by COMCAST is also the support for the phone landline service. Also there are very interesting and inexpensive devices that may interest you. One of them are the smart speakers that answer questions like: What time is it? What is the weather forecast? Play Frank Sinatra for me. The other kind are the  inexpensive tablets. One that comes to mind is the Amazon Fire 7 inches. It does a lot of things a computer can do but is easier to use. Sometimes Amazon sells these devices for $29,00. Besides your guests will love to know that now you have internet service.
  • When will COMCAST  remove cables hanging around the building? When will COMCAST cover those terrible cables coming out of the shields?
    This is a question that could be directed to the BOARD of Directors. Some people are asking these questions since last November, but the no good job remains like that: Not good.












Boring, but important: The Agreement of Aquarius with COMCAST

2018 09 01 Bulk Comcast Contract searchable






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