New (old) Aquarius Bellman Carts used by the Valet Parking Service

New (old) Aquarius Luggage Bellman Carts used by the Valet Parking Service

About 3 years ago the old bronze Luggage Bellman Carts used by the Valet Service has to be retired. Their appearance was not good. Their wheels were falling apart.  So their we removed from service. A few months ago Joe Paez, the Principal of GlobalOne our security and valet service company, decided to submit the carts frames to electrophoretic (catophoretic) coating. This process that usually gives the paint a long and durable use. The beautiful carts came back and were left in the storage room.

Recently we tried to convince our maintenance staff Emílio and Ruslan to using the wheels of another also retired carts  put together the old carts.

It was not hard at all to get their interest. In a few days using the time they had between their many activities the first cart was ready. Yesterday the second cart entered in service.

Many residents identified the old carts now reborn. They we surprised and delighted with the carts facelift. It is a good feeling to have good equipment at Aquarius for a very low cost. Another good example of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?

Thank you so much Joe, Emilio and Ruslan for a job well done!



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