Are we there yet? 40 Year ReCert Exercise Master Schedules Sept. & Oct 2018

Are we there yet?

40 Year  ReCertification  Exercise Master Schedules: September  & October 2018


Are we there yet? This is a question that we very often hear when traveling with the family.

At Aquarius it is not different. Everybody is anxious to have their balconies back, the pools open and the silence, peace and absence of dust. This post has the latest schedule presented by the construction firm in charge of the Aquarius 40 Year Recertification project: Structural Preservation Systems. This schedule was not formally vetted by the Technical Responsible and General Project Manager Hillman Engineering. Of course it is not finally accepted by the Aquarius Condominium Association.

Is the project progressing in a satisfactory pace? You are the judge. It should be observed that some delay was caused by the  IRMA storm  and rainy or otherwise inclement weather days.

The most updated schedules are in four pages bellow. One for the South Tower, another for the North Tower and two pages for the East Deck. Please exam these schedules in detail.

Towers and Deck Master Schedules expected completion final dates according a previous estimate and the most recent available:

Contractual expected completion dates:

  May 2017  was considered the effective groundbreaking data for this project. The Structural and Aquarius contract was originally signed January 2017.

Completion:  Deck (50 weeks): May 2018    Towers (80 weeks) November 2018

  Master Schedule update submitted  on October 2017:

Completion:   Deck: November 26, 2018      Towers: January 11, 2019

  Master Schedule revision submitted September 2018:   

Completion:  Deck:   December 25, 2018     Towers: April 4, 2019

  Delta from original contractual schedule:  Deck: Seven Months delay.    Towers: Four  Months delay.

Aquarius South Tower – Schedule of  September 26, 2018:

Aquarius North  Tower – Schedule of  September 26, 2018:

Deck Schedule

Aquarius East Deck Master Schedule of October 3, 2018, page 1 of 2

Aquarius East Deck Master Schedule of October 3, 2018, page 2 of 2


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