White Aquarius II

White Aquarius II

In the last Board of Directors meeting of Aquarius they decided to overrule the Membership Meeting of January 2018 and several recommendations from the Beautification Committee to keep the building without accent colors.

The motion  got four ayes and one nay on April 19 Board of Directors Meeting.  This is a decision that goes against a Membership Meeting  that has a higher hierarchy position in the conduction of Condominium affairs.

The decision is to have a wide blue strip on the East and West faces of the two towers. This is to contrast with installation of the grey glass balconies that are in progress.

Warnings that this may make the Aquarius C. Association vulnerable to legal challenges went on ignored. Also ignored was the affirmative, made by an experienced realtor present, that the buildings with the white paint, as most high-class/high value buildings in the area are, get better resale values and are more attractive to buyers. White buildings have higher and faster sale was the message.



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2 Responses to White Aquarius II

  1. Paul Finfer says:

    Historically, and up until 2013 – (when they were, for some reason, painted all white) the colors were white, with a gray accent color; and so there MAY be a legal case for the accent color to be gray. That aside, we are right next to a very tall (40 story) “still new” building that screams out. “Hey, I’m a BIG TALL building that is mainly blue/green (windows, glass balconies and sliding glass doors) – with a little white paint”. We are a more stately building with new balconies that will be tinted gray. I think that it would be both harmonious with our new balconies and “Classy” as well, if we had a vertical gray stripe – Gray to match more closely to the color of our new balconies, and vertical to give us the appearance of some more height. Rochelle & Paul Finfer


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