White Aquarius – NO Accent Color has been said and repeated

White Aquarius

NO Accent Color has been said and repeated


The change of the Aquarius exterior color is, unfortunately, still a matter for debate. There has been NO regard for the vote of a large majority in a formal Membership Meeting. Nor any regard for the recommendation of the Beautification Committee, where the white was recommended again and again. Also, NO regard for the formal approval by the President of the Board, on January 22, 2018 affirmed in official correspondence that “no accent color was authorized by unit owners.”

With so many important issues in progress, some chose to ignore repeated manifestations from the majority, to insist on their point of view.

This controversy will take Aquarius to litigation, incurring costs and division for the community. Accent color is a material alteration. It is illegal to change or add color without the consent of the membership. This consent has been denied.

It is time to stop and listen to the majority. It is time to move on.

Below are portions of documents that make it clear, again and again: No accent color, please.

♦  Membership Meeting of October 2017 and January 4th, 2018:

The Accent Color was not approved in the Special Membership Meeting of January 4th. 2018, as recorded in the minutes of the meeting properly signed and filed in the Management Office of Aquarius.

The vote that got 94 votes out of 145 voters was:

[   X  ] NO   I DO NOT   approve the proposed material alteration and improvement of the building’s trim color and related expenditure, and hereby DO NOT authorize the Board to select a trim color by majority vote of the Board.   (Emphasis in original)

♦  The Beautification Committee

has discussed and voted, more than once, for  NO ACCENT COLOR for Aquarius. Here is a transcript of the last note from Carole Pumpiam to the Board.

March 30, 2018 Carole Pumpiam, Chair of the Beautification Committee  wrote

On Mar 30, 2018, at 2:51 PM, carole0902@aol.com wrote:

“” Good afternoon Board of Aquarius Members and Adrian

I understand that a color (one of the selected on the south building south wall) is to be selected quite shortly by you the board members.  I also understand that this is a selection in the event that the board votes to in fact put an accent color on the building versus keeping an all-white paint job for the buildings.

I would like to address the board before any decision is made as to whether to have an accent color or to have an all-white building.  As you know, the beautification committee recommended several times that an all-white building would be preferable.  If after the address to the board, the decision to go with an accent color is affirmative, I and the committee would abide by your decision.

I also understand that there is a petition circulating from several residents that they want a color and almost demand they choose the color.

It is my belief that a selection should be considered “in the entire picture of the building”, or to put into the vernacular “the big picture”.

There is a beautification committee meeting on Monday, April 9 at 4:30.  If it is convenient for the board to be present to discuss this please let me know.  The alternative is to meet with the board at your convenience at any other time before the next board meeting.””

(note: in this meeting, again, the Aquarius without accent 
color got the majority of the members vote).


♦   Another document, yet, on the same subject matter,

is a message sent on January 22, 2018, by the President of the Board responds the General Contractor Structural Preservation Systems:

Bhagwan Gupta <bgupta1@yahoo.com     wrote     Jan 22, 2018
to Cale, me, Adrian, Kevin, Jim, Andres, Jean-Simon

No accent color was authorized by unit owners.

Sent from my iPhone

in response to:

On Jan 22, 2018, at 2:21 PM, Cale Delaney <cdelaney@structural.net> wrote:

Hi Buck,

Please confirm there is no accent color, as indicated during last week’s meeting. The only color is the previously approved pure white.


Cale M Delaney
Project Manager, LEED AP, E.I.T.
2001 Blount Rd
Pompano Beach, FL  33069

(954) 984-9555 office
(954) 984-9559 fax
(954) 770-3453 cell


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Wherever law ends, tyranny begins.

John Locke








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