The Dams of Aquarius

The Dams of Aquarius

The high tides and the Northeastern strong winds make the ocean take over  the Aquarius sand strip. The high waves invaded the East South Tower Storage Room. The waves were high enough to also reach the area were the beach lounges and chairs are stored adjacent to the Sea Wall.

About 10:00 am of Sunday Priscilla called from the Security Desk sounding the alarm.

With the help of Fritz, Security Officer and Dominic and Walter from the Custodians Team we were able to put some sand bags that – we hope – will prevent more water in the Storage Room. Also the path leading to the chairs and lounge storage has been protected with sand bags.

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After 5:00 PM Walter will close the Beach Access Door and protect the Storage Room with a few sand bags.

Tides in Hollywood, FL

Sunday March 4, 2018:

10:54  am    High     2.4 feet

5:59  pm      Low        – 0.6 feet

11:20  pm     High     2.3 feet

Sometimes the size of the tide is greatly affected by the winds. This seems to have been a factor  in this morning incident. It may happen again.

Anyone with property in the East Side Storage Room of the South Building should inspect the respective binn to avoid water damage of the belongings.



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