Sharon Smith – Candidate for the Aquarius Board of Directors 2018

Sharon Smith – Candidate for the Aquarius Board of Directors 2018



My name is Sharon Smith and I have lived in this building for 27 plus years along with my Husband Harry, until recently.

With this information alone, I think I am well acquainted with people as well as what is happening in this building. 

I have been in accounting as well as owning and managing properties both out-of-town and right here in Coral Springs for more than 40 years and was on the Board of Directors of the Aquarius for 5 years several years back. 

Recently, at the Aquarius, I have been a member of the Beautification and Construction Committees as well as chairperson of our Social Committee, not on all at the same time. 

I now find I can no longer sit by and watch some of the things that are going on here.  I am specifically referring to our many payroll practices and accounting practices.  If things are done properly, we would NOT be paying like salaries to trainees as you would pay knowledgeable help.  You would NOT be paying 5 people for what 3 competent people can do, you would NOT need 4 workers to do what competent workers could do either. You would not see “general” and  miscellaneous income or expenses on the budget as, a “wise” person once told me, this only leads to unnecessary questions. 

I also feel it is extremely necessary to have Board members present, most of the time, not out-of-town.  I am well aware of all the tools to communicate with out-of-town persons, but “something” is missed when you are not actually here. By mentioning above, knowing people, I do not mean here as many of you are new, I meant people in general.

I DO NOT HAVE ANY PERSONAL AGENDA, as some people do, only to help THE Aquarius. Too many people are exceptions to rules, which only makes for many unhappy residents.


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Information Technology, Management, Project Management and Public Administration are areas I am familiar with. I am also interested in photography, wine, sailing, politics, economics, and economic development.
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