Aquarius – Remediation of IRMA Hurricane Damage Update

Aquarius – Remediation of IRMA Hurricane Damage Update


This afternoon AP Regional Manager Sean Fontana issued the following update on the efforts to repair Aquarius damages caused by IRMA:

On Sep 18, 2017, at 2:52 PM, Sean Fontana 
<> wrote:  to Aquarius C. Association

I will be getting with Adrian tomorrow to organize the many different aspects of recovery that were experienced at Aquarius:

As a quick recap:

  • Water Leaks:
    • WRG worked all week and through the weekend to assess and begin remediation of the leaks in units and in the hallways. As the South Tower was determined to have experienced the bulk of the leaks WRG started in that tower.
    • I spoke with the foreman, Eddie Ribeiro,  this morning. He stated they were able to yield good drying results so far. They are reevaluating the current status of the affected areas and are moving equipment from dry areas to  areas that still need to dry. They were also able to obtain some additional dehumidifiers from other sites and will be adding those to the affected areas.
    • We will receive a full report with pictures from WRG once the work is completed.


  • HVAC:
    • Both Cooling Tower fills suffered damages from the storm. MMSC was able to restore operations as much as possible. The fills will need to be replaced (8-10 wk lead time).
    • The start-up of the cooling system stirred up debris in the lines which clogged unit owner’s handler units; MMSC originally started to backwash units with no positive results. They were then authorized to Acid wash the units to dissolve the debris and allow the unit to properly run. MMSC cleaned 40+ units on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and restored each unit into service without having to entertain shutting down common area systems to reduce the load.
    • Additionally, MMSC cleaned a few risers in the penthouse of the south tower which was found to be continually releasing debris in the units below.
    • MMSC will provide a report of the units serviced.
    • I found a piece of the CT fill and will have Adrian display it in the lobby.


We will work on a complete comprehensive list and will be gathering the reports, pictures and information for insurance purposes.


Sean Fontana

Regional Manager


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