Hurricane Irma Strikes Aquarius

Hurricane Irma Strikes Aquarius



Of course Aquarians love water but everything has a limit. Right now what all wish is no wind and no rain, but…

Let’s see two fresh reports on what has been happening at Aquarius while Irma is around:

Linda Satz, our BOD Secretary wrote:   09/10/2017  10 am

Three cars damaged on valet deck from flying plywood.

Security Director Joe’s car damaged. Portable potty laying in front of building .Water coming into lobby by picture windows. Going out the north door to beach, the stairwell pouring  water down from roof into  lobby floor. A crab has taken refuge in our lobby, we left it stay.

South Building 5 units with a lot of water in apartments. There will be a lots of insurance claims.

Joe Paez and Diana have been wonderful. They call the elderly every morning.

Water in garage but not flooded. I put my boots on, from New Jersey, and couldn’t open any door to get out. Wind so strong and sand bags were there.

We still have lights and air conditioning.

By the way, the impact windows are terrific. No water and not too much noise.

AJ has been terrific helping us and security during storm. He has been through four hurricanes and has so much knowledge we should tap into him.Oobjects  blowing from balconies that were not secured by structural.

I want to thank Judy , Buck, and Cecilio for asking how I am and being concerned.

Linda Satz


Joe Paez presents his preliminary report:   09/10/2017  10 am


To the Aquarius Family,

I hope all are safe  and taking refuge from the storm.

Current Property Report:

*  Water Intrusions from Balconies areas of the South Tower.

The 5 Line is affected.         Residents have numerous amount of rain water pouring into their units,  around from the balcony doors and window frames.

Units: 905-S, 805-S, 705S, 405-S, 305S, & 205-S    reported the rain water.

*  South Tower service elevator:    out of service / to much wind pressure rider got stuck in the car.

*  South Tower Balcony lost Plywood protection:

Unknown locations. currently 8 plywood protections sheets from on valet deck and garage.

*  4 vehicles were damaged from the plywood impacting them.

*  One portable john in A1A flew to the front of the building.

*  North service road gate between Trump and where the SPS Dumpers are inside Aquarius garage  have blew down.

*  We have a leak in the lobby around the window frame adjacent to the demo patio deck

*  North Tower East Stairwell has a leak from the Pent House  roof access dipping down into the stairwell.

I will sent another update as soon as possible.

Please be safe everyone.

Me and Diana are here at the building.

Joe Paez, Operations Manager One Global

Direct 786-355-9975


Stay safe everyone!!!!


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