40 Re-Cert: No Permit but the work already started

40 Re-Cert: No Permit yet but the work already started.

May 5, 2017


While we wait for the Construction Permit from the City Hall of Hollywood a robust construction mobilization has started. The Building Department of Hollywood has approved most of the areas under their supervision. The last aspect to give Aquarius the green light to proceed is Zoning Planning. They are working on this item since March 22, 2017 according to the records. We expect the permit to be issued any time now.

While the construction permit is not ready Structural Preservation is getting ready deploying all the necessary equipment, swing stages, scafolds, storage areas. All this will support the work as soon as the permit is issued.

Here some pictures of the work on the Southeast side of the building facing the neighboor building Residences of Hollywood. Click any picture and start the slide show by clicking the arrows.

How long the work should take? Each tower balconies,building waterproofing and other restoration work is scheduled to take 40 weeks in a total of 80 weeks.

What is the construction approach? It is called horizontal restoration. All around the building from top to bottom the balconies and other areas requiring attention will be demolished. The reconstruction moves in the opposite direction. From bottom to top.

What can you do to help? Facilitate workers access to your unit. Reserve  space inside your apartment to store the shutters if you have these.  Move all your valuable furniture, pictures, china away from the balconies and windows.

Are you a snow bird? Could you contact the office and offer your space for a short term? All parking spaces in the East side will be barricaded. If you allow a fellow neighbor which space will be unusable to park in your space it will be a great help.

Be patient.

The results should not only increase the value of your property but in addition it should make Aquarius a much more pleasant trouble free building.


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