Work Done: A List of Projects Completed in 2016

LOGO AA List of Projects Completed Under the Auspices of Current Board of 2016:

Let this team finish the work they started.

Vote for: Buck Gupta, Cecílio A. Berndsen, Linda Satz, Victor Rocha and Judy Ort.

They live here, they work hard, they believe in the Law, they listen to competent Technical Experts, they let you know what is going on, they do not make up false allegations or facts in order to get elected, their work and their decisions are supported by actual facts, correct engineering principles and sound economic and financial policies. They do not use scare tactics, they give the building continuity and harmony. 

 This Board is a good reflection of the Aquarius Community: All American Citizens,  Latinos, East Europeans, Hindu, Caucasians, Jews, Christians, Agnostics, Republicans, Democrats. All of them working in harmony with a single interest: To bring the best to Aquarius.

Vote for the full time residents of the BOARD.

Partial List of Accomplishments      

  1.  Completion of the Lobby area, including the Cascade Room, Green Room, Library/Media Room, and the Billiard/Game Room;
  2.  Completion of the Valet Deck, including the lighting on the upper parking lot and lower garage to close out the permit;
  1.  Completion of the landscaping plan to close out the permit;
  1. Acquisition of the vertical-link and Galaxy software system to provide the automatic system for securing entrances to both towers, creating data bases for registering FOBS and registering automobiles for our unit owners;
  1. Installation of A/C units to cool hallways in both towers;
  1. Replacing A/C unit in the Billiard/Game Room;
  1. Securing operating permits for all of our elevators, once the necessary code compliance issues were cleared on a temporary basis;
  1. Closing out all open permits for work completed without pulling permits, or failure to call for inspections, as required, on an ongoing basis;
  1. Installation of additional security cameras to improve safety and security for our patrons and visitors;
  2. Installation of a new roof at the Gymnasium;
  3. Correction of code violations for electrical and plumbing issues in the Green Room ceiling and in the Gymnasium;
  1. Installation of electrical grounding for the East Pool, where none existed, posing a serious life-safety issue for keeping the pool open for the use by our patrons;
  1.  Replacement of the electrical wiring responsible for the operations of the elevators in the North Tower and a similar situation in the South Tower;
  1. Total renovation of men’s and women’s bathroom facilities in the Gymnasium;
  1. Lobby, Hallways elevators – marble restoration   (neglected for several years);
  1. Library: organized with the mobilization of the community more than a thousand titles available – zero cost to the association;
  1. Sound systems: Lobby, Green Room, Alcove Bar/kitchen installed;
  1. Sound system: Cascade Room system AV capable with new microphones;
  1. Library and Conference Room 4K UD Large size TV installed, Library projector to accommodate 40+ residents. Conference Room to accommodate 12 residents;
  1. New Lease with a very successful and tasty Restaurant Aqua Bistro;
  1. New Lease with very successful Beauty Salon;
  1. Front Lawn lights; Storage Rooms have new floor stain resistant paint (neglected for more than 10 years);
  1. Re-organization of Recycling Program of the Building with additional Recycling bins;
  1. WI-FI network with very good service on East Pool Deck Gym Lobby, Library, Cascade Room and Game-Room. West Deck Wi-Fi under repair;
  1. Secured a very favorable 4.75% up to $15 Million Dollar loan to be able to pay for 40-year Certification re-construction;
  1. Executed 40-year Certification Construction contract with a highly qualified Construction firm, State Licensed and Insured, specializing in concrete restoration projects;

Studies, Preparation and Planning:

  • 40 Year Re-Certification: retained a Florida State Licensed, Insured and Experienced in concrete restoration top-notch firm (Hillman recruited among 6 firms through a competitive bidding process);
  • 40 Year Recertification: explored new face lift for East Deck hiring Tom Laubenthal after consulting approximately 8 Landscape firms;
  • Elevators renewal plan – in progress with Professional Technical Assistance; competitive process under way after serious evaluation of the elevators systems.
  • Cascade Room and Restaurant Air Conditioning renewal. Studies in progress;
  • Front Lawn lights – first phase concluded, second phase under progress;
  • Hallways Renovation: Paint, floors and lights. With already three proposals in hand the Board has a firm benchmark to estimate the cost of this initiative (1.5 million). The renovation, of course is going to be submitted to membership approval.

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About Cecilio Augusto Berndsen

Information Technology, Management, Project Management and Public Administration are areas I am familiar with. I am also interested in photography, wine, sailing, politics, economics, and economic development.
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