Is the blog made of fake news?

Logo blue girlIs the blog made of fake news?


I got a number of phone calls from friends and supporters of the Aquarius Condominium. They were very upset with a paragraph in a document “A Few Points to consider before the Aquarius Elections”

This document, prepared by the opposition to the current Board of Directors, is full of untruths, not based on reality and shows that the opposition does not have the interests of the Aquarius community in high regard.

Most of the falsehoods were properly addressed in a response prepared by Victor Rocha, Board of Directors Treasurer in a document also posted in this blog.

The individuals that called me were especially upset with mention that this blog spreads out fake news. They demanded a response to the false accusation.

All comments are open to anyone and always approved as the documents, pictures or materials I have been asked to post have always been posted.

The blog cannot post material that has not been submitted. If one does not submit the material he or she will not get published. I have no ability to post materials that have not been submitted and ordered to be posted.

Where are the fake news? Maybe the expression was borrowed from the media and not correctly understood. The opposition certainly has emailed fake news with no factual, scientific or engineering support.

But I do have some interesting “news”:

One candidate states in the biographical information that he finished the West Pool Deck. The Deck was opened 9 months after he left the Board and did not have lights and several details that were not completed until the end of 2015.

There are candidates that did not bother to present their biographical information with their experience that could help us to evaluate if they are up to the complex task of being a Board Member.

No need to say that even being offered to present their biographical information and photographs they did not have the interest or the time to do so. Is this fake news or is this negligence by members of the opposition? But since some did not even submit their information to be distributed with the electoral material I can only assume that they are not interested in getting to be known by the community.

Another interesting point about fakeness is to run for the Board and then run out of town. It seems that even those opposition candidates that are full-time residents did not have the time or interest to participate in the presentations, seminars, Board Meetings, Construction Committee Meetings regularly held. It is surprising the sudden interest in Aquarius business after one year of total absence.

The bottom line is: the blog is open if the document is not offensive, illegal or disruptive. The information will be published. But it will not automatically post.  Someone has to ask for posting and be responsible for its content.

In the two years of the blog no one has had his/her material refused. Even when sometimes – to me – it seems that the content is a bit far away from reality.


Cecilio Augusto F. Berndsen   Blogger of, Member of the Board of Directors and proud Candidate for the Board of the Aquarius Condominium, term of 2017.



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Information Technology, Management, Project Management and Public Administration are areas I am familiar with. I am also interested in photography, wine, sailing, politics, economics, and economic development.
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