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AQUARIUS-3D logoLetter from the President of the Board of Directors of Aquarius Condominium Association

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Date: 10/30/2016

Dear fellow unit owners!

I was hoping that by now, all the information, provided at the weekly construction meetings, held in the Cascade Room and also the monthly Board meetings held since May, have identified the challenges we are facing in meeting the 40-years-certification-requirements.

However, a number of unit owners who do not attend these meetings and therefore, do not participate in any meaningful discussion or want to acknowledge facts, continue to beat the old drum of not being convinced that all the repairs are necessary to make our buildings safe and stop further deterioration.

Whether we agree or not, it is time to face the facts that all the work required to be completed, such as: balconies repairs/replacements, swimming pool and deck replacement, electrical lighting to meet the turtle code requirements, aluminum balconies railings replacement, and exterior painting are some of the big-ticket items that must be completed to continue meeting the code requirements.

No amount of signed petitions or raising objections can prevent the necessary work to be under taken and completed, prior to any citation issued by the City of Hollywood.

In addition to that, currently all the buildings in this area, reaching the 40 years of age, similar to the Aquarius, are having to go through major concrete restoration.

In short, we have let our building fall into disrepair, whereby, the time has come to pay the piper. Since we have no reserves to pay for any major repairs, we are facing a large sum of special assessment to be passed at this time.
This Board must protect the Association’s assets and fulfill its fiduciary responsibilities no matter how unpleasant the task may be by passing a comprehensive special assessment at this time.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, as looked upon by some, but we have to face reality and move on with the task on hand.

Looking forward for your understanding, support and cooperation.


Bhagwan “Buck” Gupta,

President of the Board of Directors of Aquarius Condominium Association


Dear Mr, Gupta,

Bravo,  Bravo, Thank You  !!!!!
This letter was much overdue and I suggest, if people forget, you should please  remind them again. We thank you and the members of the Board for all your effort to bring the building up to  code.

Mike Alpert,  Apt 1805 South      and    Eugenia  Rosen,  Apt 1105 South 

Excellent letter ! We are so fortunate to have you on the board. We need you. We have lived here so long with a horrible mess. It is wonderful to see that the present board is working so diligently in bringing our building up to code as well as to enhance it’s beauty. Remember, this board inherited other people lack of “not doing’ .

Life is a “Journey” and our journey is to bring the Aquarius up to code and beyond. Put on your “Big Panties” and deal with what we have to endear. We have lived in a mess for several years with minimal success. A couple of years with dust and dirt will be tolerated because we will have something to show upon completion.

Let’s work towards accomplishing our goals and let’s appreciate what our Board is doing. We have seen enough negativity between Trump and Clinton. We don’t need to relive it at the Aquarius.

Wendy Miller,  Apt. 805 South


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