The Third Round of East Deck Rejuvenation Discussions

Logo blue girlThe Third Round of East Deck Rejuvenation Discussions


This is the third time the Aquarius Construction Committee, some Members of the Board and a good number owners get together to discuss with the Landscape Architect Thomas Laubenthal ideas to improve the East Deck after the 40 Year Re Certification mandate concrete renewal takes place.

There are two documents for your information


What happens when the plans are finalized? They go to the appreciation of the entire membership. Make sure your input is included.

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1 Response to The Third Round of East Deck Rejuvenation Discussions

  1. mrsippi1 says:

    GGeeeeezzeeee…I thought we had this fun Thursday morning….now we get to do it all again…woop eeeeeeeeeeeeee……now I really am going in that wine bottle…..good nitte fellla…ciao..


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