Aquarius will have additional Concrete Core Tests


Aquarius will have additional Concrete Core Tests


In August and September of 2016 “Florida Engineering & Testing, Inc.” conducted  concrete core tests in 6 balconies of Aquarius. This is part of the 40 Year Re Certification program exercise that Hillman Engineering has been hired to perform. The results of Hillman work will determine the plans Aquarius need to develop to get the 40 Re Certification.

The results of the concrete core test can be seen here (click here please). The desired compression resistance of the concrete as per Florida code, should not be less than 4000 psi (pounds per square inch). Compression resistance under this represents unsafe concrete that requires immediate restoration.

As the letter of “Florida Engineering & Testing, Inc.” shows 5 out 6 cores tested are well bellow this benchmark.

The Board of Directors of Aquarius under the advice of Hillman decided to expand the sample for additional 20 concrete core tests. With these results we will have about 10% of all balconies of the property tested corner and internal balconies chosen random/aleatory.

The letter proposal from RAS Engineering, PA, that was already accepted by Buck Gupta, BOD President can be seen here (click here please). The cost is under $ 13.000,00 and includes Acid Cloride Soluble contents besides the compression.   The test results are expected in less than a couple of weeks.

RAS Engineering will collect the samples, take the samples to the lab and test them in a total independent way without the intervention of any other entity to guarantee independence, reliability, integrity of the chain of custody.






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