Landscape Architect for Aquarius 2016

Logo blue girlLandscape Architect for Aquarius         2016


Aquarius Condominium Association is actively working to satisfy the  Law mandate 40 Year Recertification requirement. Hillman Engineering is verifying the structural, electrical and other components of building that once repaired and recertified will assure about next 10 years of safe enjoyment.

This Law came to Broward County after the example of Miami-Dade. To avoid fatalities and unnecessary danger Miami-Dade County instituted this re-certification program that looks for any aspects that presents danger or is otherwise unsafe in large structures as is the case of Aquarius. Broward County that is in the same climate conditions adopted very similar rules that aim to give the dwellers of these structures peace of mind and safety that they deserve. This is us.

The East Deck, the East Deck Pool and several of Aquarius balconies are going to be subject of concrete restauration. The work of Hillman Engineering is to point out where the reconstruction is necessary. After the demolition and the subsequent rebuilt a there is the opportunity to improve the look and use of these areas. It not enough to just rebuilt everything as it was before. New plans – even if they look exactly as they look now – need to be prepared so the engineering constructing firm can finalize their job.

With this need in mind the Board of Directors, working with the management firm Atlantic Pacific and Hillman Engineering, started a selection process to contract “LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT FIRM.”

On September 8 there was a special meeting where two firms presented their ideas, background and references.

The majority of the Aquarius Board of Directors is very much impressed with the work of the firm Landscape Achitect Consultant.

It may seem premature to commit such important endeavor after only two presentations. That is not the case. Several firms were invited:

Tony Grimaldi Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architect Consultants, Inc.

Savino Miller

KWDesign Landscape Architecture

Michael E. Pirich, Landscape Architect, P.A.

Rhett Roy

For a variety of reasons they could avail themselves for our needs. Many of them could only engage in the preparation of plans after the month of November. Too late for Aquarius.

Want see a draft prepared for Aquarius in 2009 when the Association was planning to start this work?   CLICK HERE

Coming soon the General Contractors list. The list of Concrete Restauration firm that have been invited to make presentations to the Board and to the Owners of Aquarius.








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