A Proposal for Aquarius Decks

Logo blue girlA Proposal for Aquarius Decks

from 2009

In 2009 the Aquarius Condominium Association commissioned the Architect Michael Pirich to prepare a preliminary concept proposal for the renewal of the two pool decks of the building.

Now,  August 2016 we have half work done. Not only the West Pool Deck was rebuilt as the Valet Deck covering half of our garage. This was a long and tortuous effort that took many years to be completed. The year of 2015 was critical. Most of the reconstruction took place that year. The effort was not free of controversy.

Aquarius Condominium Association has a majority of owners that is collaborative and aspires harmony. The necessary completion of the work requires ample transparency and intense communication.

We need to walk with two legs. One is to repair what is needed – and the 40 Year Re Certification exercise will address many of theses aspects. The other leg is to maintain a very pertinent vigilance on anything that needs small repairs, perfect cleaning and upkeep. In order of these two processes advance in a effective way we need good governance, attention to detail, transparency and constructive participation.

The gallery in this post shows the 2009 proposal of Mr. Michael Pirich. The ideas for the West Pool Deck – that Pirich calls Winter Pool are not target of our attention. The work has been done. Lets focused on the suggestions for the East Pool Deck. The BOD and the Property Management are promoting a series of presentations with the objective to hire Landscape Architect services to suggest how the East Pool Deck should look like. This designs will be part of the specifications on the body of the 40 Year Re Cert. construction effort. The work should start early 2017.

As an interested and motivated owner please come to this presentations. Help to select the best team Aquarius can hire to design the East Pool Deck and other details.

When you click in any picture a slide show opens. If you need to increase the size of the rendition you may open the specific picture in a new tab (right click) and in this new tab simultaneously press Ctrl and + keys. Using tablets these instructions may not apply.


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