The end is near… air conditioning news

AQUARIUS-3D logoThe End is Near

The end of the Aquarius Central Air Conditioning Renovation, that is. 


Just in time at the arrival of the Summer time the works at the Air Conditioning for the building hallways is almost complete.

This a project that costs in excess of $ 400.000 (four hundred thousand) that will give us comfort and savings. In the year of 2014 the repairs on the ancient machines was near $ 100.000 (one hundred thousand). In 2015 the repairs cost less  but the reliability of the compressors and ancillary equipment was very low.  The new equipment is based on dual compressors that provide savings of energy and high reliability. In the case one sub-systems fails there is another one to continue working. The funds for this project come from the 2015 Special Assessment.

You probably saw the post with  the pictures of the crane hoisting the new components to the top of the buildings in June 20, 2016. To review the pictures click HERE  (post opens in a new tab).

2016 06 29 Air 1

2016 06 29 Air con 22016 06 29 Air con 3












Here pictures taken June 29, 2019.

When North and South towers residents will have their hallways properly, regularly, reliably and economically refrigerated?  Soon, very soon.

South Tower will have the Air Conditioning Central System a few days before the North Tower. Both installations are being done simultaneously, but the work in the South Tower is a bit more advanced.

Property Management will keep residents informed.





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  1. mrsippi1 says:

    Thanks bunches for the updated A/C you know.. I am away and it will be REALLY GREAT to come home to a completed job and cool hallways..oh yes..and I love the idea of saving money..that’s always a plus..


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