Aquarius Condominium President’s Progress Report

LOGO LADYAquarius Condominium President’s Progress Report

Hollywood, Florida, February 6, 2015


As a follow up to my previous commitment, this is the first of many updates relative to our construction projects.

After receiving the approval for framing, the contractor has started closing the ceiling in the lobby. The insulation in the wall cavity is the next step. Once insulation has been completed, the walls will be closed with sheet rock and an inspection will be requested for rough installation. Once approved, the taping, floating, and necessary finishes will be applied.

The plumbing in the bathrooms, located in the lobby area, has been modified to meet code requirements and is awaiting re-inspection which has been scheduled for Monday. At this time, I can safely report that we are finally bringing our projects on track to be finished in a timely manner.

Yesterday, the A/C ductwork was inspected and approved. Now, we can start closing and getting it ready for installation of finished products.

By the end of next week, you should be able to observe a marked improvement in closing out the long lingering projects.

The bids for landscaping and electrical work in the Valet Deck will be awarded this week to complete the work towards meeting the permit requirement. The contractor is currently working on correcting the slope in installation of the pavers as required by our drawings approved by the City of Hollywood. The famous expansion joint material will be arriving next week along with a representative to supervise proper installation. Hopefully, we can look forward to finally making a punch list for the final close out of this project.

Looking forward to bringing these projects to a close ASAP.

Your neighbor, Bhagwan (Buck) Gupta
President of the Board of Directors of the Aquarius Condominium Association


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